Achieving Reliable Flow Control with Air Actuated Butterfly Valves

Sep 12, 2023 | NEWS

Butterfly valves are reliable shut-off and throttling valves ideal for large pipe diameters. Combining the rotational action of a butterfly disc with air actuation creates an automated valve system able to control high volume flow with precision and fast response. Compared to smaller control valves, the lightweight disc and small actuation forces enable large air actuated butterfly valves to open/close in seconds. For applications like industrial process lines, stormwater systems, and reservoir discharge, air actuated butterfly valves are an efficient flow control solution. This article examines butterfly valve benefits, types suited for air actuation, and evaluating manufacturers’ capabilities when selecting valves.

 butterfly valve

Benefits of Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves provide:

  • Tight shut-off when fully closed via the radial seal of the disc edge against the seat
  • Adjustable throttling across the full open range
  • High flow capacity and low pressure loss due to the unobstructed round bore
  • Fast opening and shutting with 1/4 turn actuation
  • Lightweight construction compared to other valve designs
  • Suitability for very large pipe diameters up to 72 inches
  • With efficient flow control, butterfly valves suit many heavy-duty applications.

Types Compatible with Air Actuation

Wafer style by wafer type butterfly valve manufacturers have smaller dimensional profiles that minimize internal air requirements.

Double flanged valves allow easy installation between flange connections.

Ductile iron valves withstand the harshity of buried water and wastewater service.

Stainless steel valves offer excellent corrosion resistance.

The disc, seat, and body materials must be selected for fluid compatibility and service life requirements.

Key Competencies of Trusted Manufacturers

When selecting air actuated butterfly valves, seek manufacturers demonstrating:

  • In-house engineering expertise for custom valve design
  • Complete in-house manufacturing capabilities
  • Stringent quality management standards
  • Conformance to critical certifications and approvals
  • Ability to source quality actuation components
  • Comprehensive testing procedures on all products
  • Responsive customer support on specifications and orders
  • Competitive pricing with large production capacity

Partnering with manufacturers having integrated, certified production and experienced engineering teams ensures obtaining robust, reliable valves tailored to your application.

Automated Flow Control with Air Power

Water and wastewater plants, stormwater systems, reservoirs, and large-scale chemical processes all benefit from the fast, modulated control capabilities of air actuated butterfly valves. With creative manufacturing, even very large pipelines can be smoothly automated. By collaborating with specialty butterfly valve producers at the forefront of technology, operators can tackle the toughest hydraulic control challenges with innovation.