Bushings Are Necessary Pipe Fittings For Connecting Pipes Of Different Diameters

Nov 23, 2023 | NEWS

The bushing is generally made by cutting and forging hexagonal rods. There are many types of threads used. It connects the internal and external thread fittings of two pipes with different diameters and plays an irreplaceable role in the pipe connection. The bushing is used when the water pipe needs to be changed.

For example, the pipe in DN15 should be changed into the pipe in DN20.

The water pipe of DN15 is an outer wire pipe, which connects one end of the inner wire of the bushing. The water pipe of DN20 is an inner wire pipe, which is connected to one end of the outer wire of the bushing.

If the water pipe of the DN20 is an outer wire pipe, an inner wire contraction joint can be connected between the DN20 outer wire tube and the bushing. The threaded connection can be easily connected to any water appliance and valve gauge.

YINUO, China specializes in producing all kinds of pipe fittings,including all materials and specification of bushings,and in this article we will talk about bushings.

The material and specification of China bushings

YINUO, China’s bushings are strictly selected, with strong toughness, high hardness, fine workmanship, clear teeth without burr, explosion-proof and leak-proof, and strong pressure resistance.

According to different materials, the bushing can be divided into zinc alloy bushing, copper-plated bushing, 304 stainless steel bushing,DHG Malleable Iron Cast Iron Bushing, and so on.

In the connection mode, the bushing YINUO,China produces can realize the conversion between imperial G thread, metric M thread, American standard NPT thread and German PG thread, which greatly saves installation cost and time, and is very convenient to use.

In addition, our bushings are of complete specifications, including 4-minute to 6-minute brass bushing, 6-minute to 1-inch stainless steel bushing, 4-minute to 1-inch stainless steel bushing, M32-M20 stainless steel bushing, M40-M32 brass adapter, M25-M20 stainless steel bushing, G1-M20 stainless steel bushing, G3swap 4-1 NPT brass internal and external bushing, G1-3/4NPT stainless steel bushing, etc.

Specific specifications need to be determined according to the situation, details are welcome to inquire by telephone!

Application of bushings

Bushings, such as Cast iron bushings are widely used in supporting projects of large-scale power stations in China, such as:

Sea water, steam, cold water, hot water, oxygen, drinking water, refrigeration, oil, gas, medical gas sewage treatment engineering, municipal engineering, chemical industry.

Oil refining, metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, paper, medicine and other industries.

Features of DHG Malleable Iron Cast Iron Bushing

1. Corrosion resistance: zinc is the second largest element after aluminum and has good corrosion resistance.

Zinc layer can effectively protect products from corrosion in marine environment, industrial atmosphere, soil and corrosive media.

2. Wear resistance: galvanized coating has high hardness and can resist the wear of steel surface.

Therefore, hot-dip galvanized steel has a good service life in mining, chemical industry and other fields.

3.High temperature strength: hot-dip galvanized coating can still maintain high strength and hardness at high temperature, which is helpful to improve the service life of products in high temperature environment.

Characteristics of Malleable Iron Bushing

Malleable Iron Bushing from YINUO,China has high strength, plasticity and impact toughness, which can partially replace carbon steel. This kind of cast iron has three types of black heart malleable cast iron, white heart malleable cast iron and pearlite malleable cast iron, which are often used to make parts with complex shape and bearing impact and vibration loads, such as pipe joints and low pressure valves.

Compared with ductile iron, malleable cast iron has the advantages of low cost, stable quality and simple treatment process.