Cheap Pipe Fittings Can Cater To Most Common Use

Oct 18, 2023 | NEWS

Pipe fittings is a generic term for parts of a piping system that play a role in joining, adjusting, altering, diverting, sealing, supporting, etc. pipes. Pipe fittings are important in all piping and drainage systems used in industrial and commercial applications. With fittings, pipes can be joined or installed in place and terminated or closed as required. A pipe fitting is a threaded fitting that has different shapes to create different piping configurations.

Buyers who are familiar with industrial or drainage systems know that due to the shape of the fluid medium as well as cosmetic requirements, pipe fittings are available in a wide range of materials so that they can not only be adapted to different working environments, but also allow a certain range of choices of suitable cover materials and so on. In addition to this, pipe fittings are also available in a wide range of shapes, which determines whether they act as a diverter or a change of direction, or for other purposes.

Various material of pipe fittings

According to the material can be roughly divided into: iron pipe, cast iron pipe, non-ferrous metal pipe and non-metallic pipe and so on.

Cast iron pipe fittings are low in manufacturing cost, but have poor strength and corrosion resistance. They are mainly used in low pressure, low temperature and some situations that do not require high strength. Brass pipe fittings can withstand high temperatures and pressures and have good corrosion resistance, but they are expensive. Stainless iron pipe fittings have good corrosion resistance, high strength and good stability, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, the most common iron pipe currently occupies a large market share.

Different types of iron pipe fittings

According to the production process, it is divided into seamless iron pipe fittings and welded iron pipe fittings. Seamless iron pipe fitting is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling (drawn). Welded iron pipe fitting is divided into straight seam welded iron pipe fitting and spiral seam welded iron pipe fitting.

In addition, iron pipe fittings can be divided into malleable black iron pipe fittings (uncoated) and coated pipe fittings according to surface coating characteristics. Among them, galvanized iron pipe fittings are the most common among coated iron pipe fittings.

Malleable black iron pipe fittings vs galvanized iron pipe fitting

Galvanized iron pipe fitting, also known as galvanized pipe fittinf and hot-dip galvanized iron pipe fitting, is a iron pipe fitting product in which the surface of ordinary iron pipe fittings is coated with a layer of zinc through a hot-dip galvanizing process. The galvanized zinc layer has good anti-corrosion properties and durability, and can protect iron pipe fittings from corrosion and oxidation. Of course, this also brings higher costs and more complex processing and installation. As long as buyers do not have special working environment requirements, YINUO,China recommend that black iron pipe fittings are enough.This not only saves unnecessary costs, but also reduces work difficulty.

Different shapes of malleable black iron pipe fittings

 Piping  fittings are parts that connect the pipes and aid in changing the direction of the flow or the pipe size or connecting different components for instance elbow fitting, tee fitting, eccentric reducer, and compression fitting, etc. They are used in order to control the direction and quantity of the liquid or fluid in piping and plumbing systems without leakage. These fittings include Elbow, Tee, Cross, Reducer, Union, Coupling, Nipple, Plug & Cap, Adapters, Flanges, and Valve.

For example,black iron pipe tee is a fitting that has a T shape. It has two outlets at an angle of 90° each and one main connection line. It is a pipe that has adjacent outlets and used to connect pipes at 90° angle.

If you are in need of malleable black iron pipe fittings and are not familiar with these, feel free to contact YINUO.

Size of black malleable iron pipe fittings cater to various needs

 In addition to the variety, we offer a wide range of pipe fitting models, such as black malleable 3/4″ iron pipe fittings, which is in high demand.

No matter the size, no matter the type, the quality and service of YINUO,China is always the same.