Diverse Pipe Nipples Catering To Different Needs: Three Main Types

Sep 20, 2023 | NEWS

Pipe nipples are parts for connecting pipelines or mounting pipelines on hydraulic components, which is a general term for connectors that can be mounted and dismounted in the fluid path,including: nuts, ferrules, flare core, flare sleeve, flare nut.According to the different needs of water flow and the differences in the types of pipes, the pipe nipples have different forms and functions.Here let us get you acquainted to three main types of pipe nipples:pipe nipple threaded one end,hex stainless steel pipe nipple, stainless steel close pipe nipple.

Pipe nipple threaded one end

 Pipe nipple threaded one end (TOE pipe nipples)  is a single threaded pipe formed by turning one end of a steel pipe to thread (internal and external teeth) and polishing the rest,differing from double-end threaded pipe nipples. Their connection can be threaded, welded, quick-fit, and different connection methods can be used according to different customer requirements.

Application of pipe nipple threaded one end

Pipe nipple threaded one end is applied in the connection of various pipelines for food, beverage, cosmetics, industry, chemical, machinery, etc., for the firm connection it forms and its easy usage.

Hex stainless steel pipe nipple

  Hexagonal stainless steel pipe nipple is a mechanical part commonly used to connect pipes, valves and other equipment. It has a hexagonal shape with a conical or cylindrical interior, and can be connected to other parts by threaded or welded connections.According to the different connection methods and structural forms,  hex stainless steel pipe nipple can be divided into various types, such as threaded  hex stainless steel pipe nipple, flanged  hex stainless steel pipe nipple, pressure hex stainless steel pipe nipple and so on.The most common of these is the threaded hex stainless steel pipe nipple.

Characteristics of  hex stainless steel pipe nipple

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to remove
  • High strength

Strong torsion resistance:

  • Space saving
  • Convenient processing

Application of  hex stainless steel pipe nipple

Hexagonal stainless steel pipe nipples are also widely used in the electronic field.

Hex stainless steel pipe nipple can be used in cooling systems and connecting devices in the electronics industry.

At the same time, hexagonal stainless steel pipe nipple are also widely used in the automotive industry, food industry, construction industry and other fields, playing an important role.

 Hex stainless steel pipe nipple 1/4 is one of the most common hex stainless steel pipe nipple.It is highly adaptable and is a stable purchase and storage of parts for many industrial sites.

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All sizes and specifications of hexagonal stainless steel pipe nipple are in store.YINUO,China can offer you guaranteed quality and service. If you are looking for a common part such as pipe fittings, which are basic but quite important, make sure you choose a good supplier, as removal and replacement is time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Stainless steel close pipe nipple

In its most basic form, a pipe fitting is a short length of pipe with external pipe threads on both ends for connecting to other fittings. Typically there is a short distance of unthreaded pipe between the two threaded ends, depending on the distance of the fittings you need to connect. When there is no unthreaded pipe between the two connecting ends, the pipe joint is called a “close pipe nipple“. In this case, the connected accessories are in close contact with each other, and the nipple is barely visible.

Application of stainless steel close pipe nipple

 The significance of using a tight fitting is that it allows free adjustment of the position of the pipe body at both ends of the connection. It can generally be used for fire sprinkler piping.

YINUO, China’s stainless steel pipe nipples

Compared to Carbon steel socket Female Threaded fitting low-carbon steel, stainless steel offers a massive upgrade in strength, hardness, and most importantly corrosion resistance. YINUO  uses stainless steel of up to standard quality and guarantees the quality of every street at a reasonable price.