Ductile iron air valve provides lasting guarantee for production safety

Nov 21, 2023 | NEWS

The air valve,also called air release valve is a device that automatically removes air by the opening and closing mechanism in the valve body. It is convenient to install, small in size, and avoids the trouble of manual operation and management, so it is widely used in hot water heating system.

Most of the air valves produced in China manufacturer,like YINUO use floating ball opening and closing mechanism. when the valve is full of water, the floating ball rises and the exhaust port closes automatically; when the amount of air in the valve increases, the water level decreases, the floating ball depends on self-weight to droop, and the exhaust port opens for exhaust.

The automatic air valve often fails due to dirt blockage in the water and needs to be removed, cleaned or replaced. therefore, a globe valve, gate valve or ball valve is installed in front of the exhaust valve, which opens all the year round, only when the exhaust valve fails and needs to be temporarily closed during maintenance.

Ductile iron Valve is steel a common type in this field,and YINUO,China has many years of air valve production, please let us tell buyers something about air valves.

The use of automatic air valve

1. The automatic air valve is a controller installed in the system architecture, which is used to release the exhaust gas from the heating system and water supply pipeline. it is widely used in water dividers, radiators, floor heating, air conditioning and water supply systems.

2. The application of automatic air valve in heating system, such as radiator, floor heating, boiler system, is a kind of functional valve used to remove air from the system, which is often installed at the highest point of the system, or used directly with water separators and radiators.

It is mainly to remove the internal air, so that the radiator is filled with warm water to ensure the temperature of the room.

3. The automatic exhaust valve is a device used for exhaust in the operation of the HVAC system.

During the operation of the HVAC system, it is found that the gases released by water during heating, such as hydrogen, oxygen and so on, will bring many adverse factors, which will damage the system and reduce the thermal effect. If these gases are not discharged in time, there will be a lot of adverse consequences. Therefore, the air valve is also a safety air valve.

Benefits of China ductile air valves

High strength.

The high strength of ductile iron air valve makes it have good toughness and durability, and can work in a variety of harsh environments such as high pressure and high temperature.

Therefore, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industrial fields.


Ductile iron air valve has good anti-corrosion performance, will not be corroded by chemicals, and is not easy to rust.

Therefore, it can be used in a variety of acid-base environments, especially suitable for marine and chemical fields.

Wear resistance.

Ductile iron air valve has high material density and low friction coefficient, so it is more wear-resistant than other metal materials, can be used at high speed and high pressure for a long time, and reduces the maintenance times and replacement cost of the valve.

Why you should choose China ductile iron air valves?

YINUO,China’s ductile iron air valve has high machining precision and accurate size, which can ensure close combination and avoid leakage and other problems.

We choose the most reliable materials and the most advanced technology to ensure not only the quality but also the complete specifications. As long as you have a need, we are more than happy to accept your inquiry and look forward to answering any question for you.