Improved Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings Await Your Purchase In China

Oct 18, 2023 | NEWS

Pipe fittings are a general term for the parts in the pipeline system that play a role in connecting, controlling, changing direction, diverting, sealing, supporting, etc. Pipe fittings are very necessary for any pipes and ducting systems used in industrial and commercial applications. Fittings allow pipes to be connected or installed in place and terminated or closed when necessary. Devices come in all shapes and sizes.A pipe fitting is a threaded fitting that comes in different shapes to make different plumbing configurations.

The pipe fittings can be divided into many types according to different uses and usage scenarios, and the classification standards are also various, such as dividing by shape,pipe fittings include tees, elbows, y-fittings, couplings, reducers.These different shapes of pipe fittings have different connectivity and adjustability, and play different roles at different locations in a complete pipeline system. In addition, pipe fittings also differ in material.

Yinuo,China now going to introduce different types of pipe fittings to buyers.

Common materials for pipe fittings

There are many varieties of pipe fittings based on different manufacturing processes and materials.

According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into: seamless steel pipe fittings, seamed steel pipe fittings and cast pipe fittings.

According to the material,they can be divided into: steel pipe fittings, cast iron pipe fittings, non-ferrous metal pipe fittings and non-metal pipe fittings, etc.

Cast iron pipe fittings are currently very commonly used pipe fittings and have relatively good performance.Cast iron pipes can be divided into two categories: ordinary cast iron pipes and high-rise cast iron pipes. Ordinary cast iron pipes are cast from gray cast iron and have strong corrosion resistance. The exterior walls are usually coated with an asphalt layer to increase their service life. Gray cast iron is used to make ordinary valves, pipe fittings and pipes with low stress.

High-processed new cast iron material of pipe fittings

Malleable cast iron pipe fittings, also known as hot-processed ductile iron pipe fittings, is a special cast iron material that uses ductile iron as raw material and is thermally processed and deformed at a certain temperature.Malleable cast iron pipe fittings is a type of cast iron obtained by adding a certain amount of manganese and processing molten steel. It has high ductility and hardness and can be forged into various shapes. Compared with ordinary ductile iron and gray cast iron, malleable cast iron has the following advantages and characteristics:

  • Excellent mechanical properties: Malleable cast iron has excellent mechanical properties such as high strength, high toughness, high fatigue resistance and high wear resistance. It is one of the commonly used casting materials in the fields of machinery manufacturing and automobile industry.
  • Good processing performance: Due to the high degree of ductile graphization and stable microstructure of malleable cast iron, the processing performance is very superior and it is easy to cut, drill, mill and weld.
  • Good acoustic properties: Malleable cast iron not only has good acoustic properties, but also effectively absorbs sound, making it suitable for making high-precision, high-quality mechanical parts.

Application of malleable cast iron pipe fittings

Ductile iron pipe fittings have a wide range of applications and are mainly used in the following fields:

1. Municipal construction: used in urban drainage systems, rainwater systems, water supply systems, heating systems, etc.

2. Water conservancy projects: used in various water conservancy projects, such as water transmission, drainage, irrigation, hydropower generation, etc.

3. Chemical industry: used for various chemical production and transportation.

4. Metallurgy: used in metallurgical industry, such as casting, mineral transportation, etc.

5. Oil and gas: used for oil and gas extraction, transportation, storage, etc.Malleable iron gas pipe fittings are becoming more and more popular.

Yinuos pipe fitting manufacture standard

The pipe fittings Yinuo,China produce are complete in variety and comply with the usage standards of various countries. For example, NPT is the abbreviation of National (American) Pipe Thread, and NPT is an American tapered pipe thread used for sealing. Malleable iron pipe fittings 12″ npt is a 60-degree tapered pipe thread that belongs to the American standard and is used in North America. The national standard can be found in GB/T12716-1991.

Yinuo,China’s every single malleable cast iron pipe fittings is of high standard and quality,buyers won’t feel disappointed with our products.