Mechanical Tee Fittings for Piping Systems

Jan 18, 2024 | NEWS

Mechanical tee fittings provide versatile branch connections in piping networks. They come in various designs suited to different materials and installation needs.

Grooved Mechanical Tee

Grooved tees have grooved ends that work with grooved couplings, valves and other components. They connect pipes without welding or threading.

Made from ductile iron, steel or stainless steel, grooved tees are suited for larger diameter pipes used in HVAC, fire protection and industrial piping. The rolled groove joint forms a rigid, leak-free connection preferred in seismic areas.

Mechanical Tee Threaded Outlet

As the name suggests, these tees feature a threaded outlet along with two grooved ends. This hybrid design allows a grooved runs to connect to threaded valves or equipment.

Common materials include carbon steel, copper and stainless steel depending on the system media. The threaded outlet provides compatibility with standard pipe threads.

All Flanged Tee Ductile Iron Fittings

All flanged tees have a flat faced flange on all outlets for bolt-up between flanges. Most often made of ductile iron, they are used in piping networks that require bolted connections like large pipelines, pump stations and pipe manifolds.

The flanged ends also allow easy disconnection for inspection or maintenance work on site.

By addressing different jointing needs, mechanical tee fittings in grooved, threaded and flanged variations facilitate reliable distribution connections in diverse piping applications.