China Wafer Butterfly Valve

  • China Wafer Butterfly Valve suppliers PN16 a Class 150 ball valve is rated to approximately 270 PSIG at ambient conditions, 180 PSIG at approximately 400°F, 150 PSIG at approximately 600°F, and 75 PSIG at approximately 800°F.
  • In other words, when the pressure goes down, the temperature goes up.




Product Description

Yinuo, as a senior China Wafer Butterfly Valve?manufacturer and supplier, has many years of industry experience and is committed to providing customers with one-stop fluid control solutions. Our production base is equipped with advanced production equipment and testing systems to ensure that every China Wafer Butterfly Valve?shipped meets international quality standards. From raw material procurement to finished product inspection, Yinuo adheres to quality first and creates every detail with the spirit of craftsmanship, making it your trustworthy partner.

Excellent quality – safe, reliable and durable

Yinuo China Wafer Butterfly Valves are made of high-quality materials, including but not limited to stainless steel, cast iron and special alloys, which can effectively resist corrosion and wear and maintain excellent sealing performance even under extreme working conditions. We pay attention to the optimization of every detail to ensure low-torque operation, long life and low maintenance costs of China Wafer Butterfly Valves, thereby bringing higher economic benefits and user experience to users.

Product Features Overview

  • Efficient circulation design: Exquisite butterfly plate design reduces fluid resistance and improves circulation efficiency.
  • Bidirectional sealing: No matter what direction the medium flows, it can maintain a good sealing effect and prevent leakage.
  • Easy to install and maintain: The lightweight structural design facilitates quick installation and maintenance on site and reduces downtime.
  • Wide applicability: It is suitable for water treatment, petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, covering a wide range of application scenarios from low pressure to high pressure.

Comprehensive after-sales service – worry-free guarantee, response at any time

Yinuo understands the importance of high-quality after-sales service to customers. We provide a full range of after-sales support, including but not limited to product consultation, installation guidance, troubleshooting and regular maintenance services. No matter where you are, just a phone call or email away, our professional team will respond quickly to ensure your production process goes smoothly.

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Choosing Yinuo China Wafer Butterfly Valve?means choosing safety, efficiency and long-lasting quality assurance. We look forward to working with partners around the world to create a brilliant future in the industrial field!

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