Grinnell Grooved Pipe Fittings

As a leading Chinese manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, YINUO offers a comprehensive range of Grinnell grooved pipe fittings. For over 30 years, YINUO has served industries worldwide with malleable steel, ductile iron and other piping components. Quality is assured through third party certifications by UL, FM, CE and BSI. With headquarters in China, YINUO supplies Grinnell grooved components and conventional piping systems to over 30 countries and regions globally. YINUO, with wide products list to satisfy foreign customers different demand. Please contact us for more grooved pipe fittings information.



Product Description

Grinnell grooved pipe fittings offer several features that make them popular in various applications. First, they provide a secure and leak-tight connection, ensuring the integrity of the piping system. The grooved coupling design allows for quick and easy installation without the need for welding or threading, saving time and labor costs. Additionally, the fittings can be easily disassembled and reassembled, making modifications or repairs more convenient.

These fittings are available in a wide range of materials, including ductile iron, stainless steel, and copper, allowing for compatibility with different piping systems and varying environmental conditions. They also come in various configurations, such as elbows, tees, couplings, and valves, offering versatility in system design.

Grinnell grooved pipe fittings find applications in multiple industries, with a focus on fire protection systems. They are commonly used in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and institutional projects to create reliable and efficient fire suppression systems. These fittings are also suitable for HVAC systems, water distribution, and other fluid handling applications.

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