Groove Fitting Pipe

Over the past three decades, YINUO has established itself as a foremost piping solutions provider based on deep industry knowledge and experience. Recognizing opportunities in the burgeoning grooved fitting sector, they diversified product offerings in 2010.

All grooved products undergo rigorous engineering to stringent technical norms from EN10242 through ISO 49, ensuring reliable pressure handling up to 25 bars throughout complex pipe networks. Dimensional consistency is core to YINUO’s high-quality production.

In addition to mechanically jointed solutions, YINUO’s catalog offers malleable steel, ductile iron, valves and more – a comprehensive one-stop shop approach streamlining material needs for demanding piping projects.

Operating from ISO-certified headquarters in China, YINUO has distributed world-leading systems to over 30 countries worldwide. Decades of expertise alongside top certification approvals underscore their standing as a global technical leader in the sector.



Product Description

Grooved pipe fittings are a type of mechanical pipe joining system commonly used in industrial piping applications. Rather than welding or threading pipes together, grooved fittings connect pipe via interlocking steel grooves cut circumferentially into the pipe ends.

A flexible coupling houses rubber gaskets that compress to form a pressure-tight seal between the grooves. These couplings can be installed without heat and are suitable for joining different pipe materials like steel, ductile iron.

Compared to other joining methods, grooved fittings offer several advantages. They can be installed faster without specialized skills or equipment like welders. The grooved connection is very secure and will not leak or come loose over time. Disassembly and replacement of sections is also simpler if needed.

Style Cast Iron Flange Adapter - grooved fitting

Product Parameter

Designed for direct connection of flanged components into a grooved cast or ductile system
Designed for Class 53 or higher pipe
Sizes from 3 – 24″ | DN80 – DN600
Pressures up to 250 psi | 1724 kPa | 17 bar
Optional coatings Include coal tar epoxy, organic zinc primer and bituminous


Product Detail

Gasket: (specify choice1) Grade “M” Halogenated Butyl Halogenated Butyl (Brown color code). Temperature range –20°F to + 200°F/–29°C to +93°C. Specifically compounded to conform to ductile pipe surfaces. Recommended for water service within the specified temperature range plus a variety of dilute acids, oil-free air and many chemical services. UL classified in accordance with ANSI/ NSF 61 for cold +86°F/+30°C potable water service. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PETROLEUM SERVICES. Grade “S” Nitrile (Red color code). Temperature range –20°F to +180°F/–29°C to +82°C. Specially compounded to conform to ductile pipe surfaces. Recommended for petroleum products, air with oil vapors, vegetable and mineral oils within the specified temperature range; except hot dry air over + 140°F/+60°C) and water over +150°F/+66°C.

Style Cast Iron Flange Adapter

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HOT WATER SERVICES. 1 Services listed are General Service Guidelines only. It should be noted that there are services for which these gaskets are not compatible. Reference should always be made to the latest Victaulic Gasket Selection Guide for specific gasket service guidelines and for a listing of services which are not compatible. Bolts/Nuts: (specify choice) Standard: Carbon oval steel neck track bolts meeting the mechanical property requirements of ASTM A449. Carbon steel heavy hex nuts meeting the mechanical property requirements of ASTM A563 Grade B. Track bolts and heavy hex nuts are zinc electroplated per ASTM B633 ZN/FE5, finish Type III (imperial) or Type II (metric). Optional: Bolts – Stainless steel, meeting the mechanical property requirements of ASTM F593, Group 2 (316 stainless steel), condition CW. Nuts – Stainless Steel meeting the mechanical property requirements of ASTM F594, Group 2 (316 stainless steel), condition CW, with galling reducing coating.

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