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YINUO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of grooved pipe fittings operating since 1990. With over 34 years of experience in the pipe fitting industry, YINUO started developing and producing grooved fittings in 2010. As well as grooved fittings, YINUO’s scope of expertise covers malleable steel pipe fittings, ductile iron fittings, valves and accessories. Quality is assured as products have obtained certification from major agencies including UL, FM, CE and BSI. With headquarters in China, YINUO distributes to over 30 countries and regions globally including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile and Bolivia. As a pioneer in grooved pipe fitting production since 2010, YINUO leverages decades of industry experience to supply durable, international-standard fittings. Committed to quality, YINUO enables reliable connections for piping systems around the world. Hereby, please contact with us for Groove Lock Pipe Fittings, then our sale representatives will offer you products information with factory price.



Product Description

Groove Lock fittings are a type of mechanically joined grooved pipe coupling. Unlike standard grooved couplings that use bolts to connect, Groove Lock couplings use a spring-loaded locking mechanism within the fitting body itself.

The locking mechanism provides a unique freewheeling feature that allows the pipes to move independently within the joint coupling up to 5 degrees of angular deflection and 1/4 inches of lateral movement. This accommodates potential movement and vibration in the pipeline.

Some key advantages of Groove Lock fittings include:

  • They can be installed quicker than bolted couplings as no tightening of bolts is required. This saves installation time.
  • The freewheeling motion absorbs thermal expansion/contraction and seismic activity without stressing the pipe.
  • Locked connections are resistant to over-tightening issues that can occur with bolts.
  • The seal is automatically maintained even if movement causes the connection to loosen over time.
  • Disassembly is simpler as fittings unlock inward with hand pressure for maintenance access.

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