Grooved Joint Pipe Fittings

YINUO has built a hard-earned reputation over three decades as a leading piping solutions provider. With a deep wealth of manufacturing experience, they entered the burgeoning world of grooved pipe fittings in 2010.

In addition to mechanically grooved solutions, YINUO offers a comprehensive assortment of malleable steel, ductile iron and valves – a one-stop shop approach that streamlines material sourcing for complex pipework projects.

Operating from ISO-certified headquarters in China, YINUO has distributed their world-class systems globally to over 30 nations. Long-standing expertise and approvals from top certification bodies underline their technical authority.



Product Description

Grooved joint pipe fittings, also known as grooved pipe couplings or grooved pipe connectors, are a type of pipe fitting system that utilizes grooves on the pipe ends and specially designed couplings to create a secure and leak-tight connection.

In a grooved joint pipe fitting system, the pipe ends are prepared by creating grooves along the circumference using grooving machines or tools. These grooves are typically V-shaped or U-shaped and have specific dimensions to accommodate the grooved couplings.

The grooved couplings consist of two segments that grip onto the grooves on the pipe ends. They are typically made of ductile iron, stainless steel, or other materials with high strength and corrosion resistance. The couplings have gaskets or sealing elements inside to ensure a tight and leak-resistant joint.

The grooved joint pipe fitting system offers several advantages:

  • Ease of Installation: Installing grooved joint fittings is relatively quick and straightforward. The grooved pipe ends easily align with the grooved couplings, allowing for efficient connection without the need for welding, threading, or specialized tools.
  • Flexibility: Grooved joint fittings provide some flexibility in the piping system. They can accommodate a moderate degree of pipe movement, expansion, and contraction caused by thermal changes or vibrations. This flexibility helps to reduce stress on the system and minimize the risk of pipe damage.
  • Reliability: Grooved joint fittings create a secure and reliable connection. The grooved couplings, when properly installed, provide a tight seal that prevents leakage of fluids or gases, ensuring the integrity of the piping system.

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