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Completing the product mix are valves and related accessories. Customers can source gate, globe, check and specialty valves from YINUO. The company also supplies end caps, flanges, bolts, gaskets and other accessories essential for pipeline installation and use. A key business segment is grooved pipe fittings. As an early pioneer in this field, YINUO produces high-quality mechanical joints compliant with top international standards. Their grooved options provide the dynamic flexibility demanded by many industries. Please, visit the content of Ductile Iron Equal Cross – One kinds of grooved pipe fittings from YINUO



Product Description

Grooved pipe fittings are a type of mechanical pipe joining system commonly used in industrial piping applications. Rather than welding or threading pipes together, grooved fittings connect pipe via interlocking steel grooves cut circumferentially into the pipe ends.

A flexible coupling houses rubber gaskets that compress to form a pressure-tight seal between the grooves. These couplings can be installed without heat and are suitable for joining different pipe materials like steel, ductile iron.

Compared to other joining methods, grooved fittings offer several advantages. They can be installed faster without specialized skills or equipment like welders. The grooved connection is very secure and will not leak or come loose over time. Disassembly and replacement of sections is also simpler if needed.

Grooved pipe fittings - Equals cross

Product For Ductile Iron Grooved Equal Cross:

  • Grooved fittings, like the ductile iron Grooved Equal Cross No180, are commonly used as branch line connectors in pipeline systems. They separate the main line into two or more smaller subsidiary pipes.
  • The Grooved Equal Cross has branches of the same diameter, fitting them precisely together. Alternatively, a Grooved Reducing Cross has one branch of a smaller size than the others.
  • These fittings enable pipelines to split and recombine flows effectively. They connect threaded or welded pipe using mechanical groove joints that are fast and easy to install.Various industries rely on grooved fittings for their pipeline branching needs. Applications include oil/gas extraction and refinement, petrochemical plants, power generation, construction, and municipal water and sewage systems.
  • The versatility of grooved fittings allows complex pipeline networks to be assembled efficiently. Whether maintaining equal sizes or reducing diameters, they divide mains into interconnected secondary lines with a reliable seal.
Certificated UL/FM
END Threaded or Groove
FINISH RED or Orange

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