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Recognizing growing demand, YINUO launched grooved fitting production in 2010. This allowed the company to provide customers with the advantages of mechanical joint technology. All YINUO grooved couplings are manufactured in accordance with stringent international standards such as EN10242, ANSI, ASME and DIN. Strict adherence to these specifications ensures reliable performance across pressures up to PN25 bar and 25 bar.

Operating from headquarters in China, YINUO has successfully distributed grooved coupling pipe fittings and other piping components to more than 30 countries globally. With over 30 years of experience in pipe fitting solutions, YINUO has become a trusted partner for projects internationally. Customers anywhere in the world can depend on YINUO’s grooved solutions that are engineered and manufactured to recognized international standards for long-lasting and leak-free piping installations. Leveraging its expertise, YINUO continues enabling reliable connections using modern joining methods on a global scale.



Product Description

  • YINUO is a renowned manufacturer of grooved pipe fittings operating for over 30 years. As a reputed supplier with a wealth of experience in the pipe industry, YINUO entered grooved fitting production in 2010 to expand their product range.
  • All of YINUO’s grooved fittings are manufactured under stringent international standards including EN10242, ANSI, ASME, DIN and ISO 49, ensuring consistent quality. Fittings are rated for pressures ranging from PN25 to 25Bar.
  • Beyond grooved components, YINUO offers a full portfolio of piping solutions such as malleable steel, ductile iron and valves. This extensive catalog allows customers to source all their project needs from a single reputable supplier.
  • YINUO’s manufacturing facilities are ISO-certified and products have obtained approval from top certification bodies like UL, FM, CE and BSI.

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