Grooved Reducer Socket

  • The Grooved Reducer Socket is a specialized pipe fitting used in mechanical piping and fire protection systems to connect pipes of different diameters.
  • This component serves as an essential transitional piece, allowing for a smooth change in pipe size while maintaining the convenience and benefits of grooved connections.
  • It ensures a secure and leak-proof transition between two differently sized pipes within a piping network.
  • Installation of a Grooved Reducer Socket is achieved through the use of complementary couplings or Victaulic-style mechanical joints, which do not require welding or threading.



Product Description

Product Details

A grooved reducer socket, also known as a grooved reducing socket or grooved reducing coupling, is a type of pipe fitting used in plumbing and piping systems. It is designed to connect two pipes of different sizes with grooved ends, allowing for a reduction in diameter while providing a secure and leak-resistant connection. The grooved reducer socket features specialized grooves on its interior surface, enabling quick and easy installation using grooved-end pipes or fittings.

Product Advantages

1. Size Adaptability: The grooved reducer socket enables the connection of pipes with different diameters.
2. Flexibility and Adaptability: The grooved reducer socket design allows for easy modification and reconfiguration of piping systems.
3. Efficient Installation: The grooved interior surface of the reducer socket facilitates fast and efficient installation.
4. Secure and Leak-Resistant Connection: The grooved coupling system ensures a secure and leak-resistant connection between the reducer socket and the pipes.


  • Plumbing systems in commercial buildings, hospitals, and residential constructions.
  • Fire protection systems, including sprinkler installations.
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.
  • Industrial piping systems for water, chemicals, or gases.
  • Oil and gas pipelines.
  • Process piping in manufacturing plants.

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Grooved Reducer Socket

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