Street Elbow

  • Street Elbows are characterized by a 90-degree bend, allowing them to change the direction of pipes at a right angle.
  • Street Elbows typically have one male end and one female end. The male end is threaded on the outside, while the female end is threaded on the inside. This configuration enables secure connections with other threaded pipes or fittings.



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In the intricate network of plumbing and piping systems, ensuring smooth directional changes is essential for optimal fluid flow. Street Elbows, versatile fittings designed for adjusting the direction of pipes, play a pivotal role in achieving seamless transitions.
Street Elbows stand as versatile and efficient components in plumbing systems, providing practical solutions for directional adjustments. Whether navigating pipes around corners or optimizing layouts in confined spaces, these fittings play a crucial role in ensuring seamless fluid flow. Their threaded connections enhance stability and reliability, preventing leaks and disruptions in plumbing networks.


  • Directional Adjustments:The primary application of Street Elbows is in facilitating directional adjustments in plumbing systems.
  • Compact Space Utilization:Street Elbows prove invaluable in situations where space is limited. Their 90-degree bend allows for compact layouts, making them suitable for installations in tight or confined spaces.
  • Threaded Connections:Street Elbows, with their male and female threaded ends, provide secure connections with other threaded pipes or fittings.


  • Efficient Directional Changes:Street Elbows offer a straightforward solution for directional changes, ensuring efficient fluid flow and preventing disruptions in plumbing systems.
  • Space-Efficient Design:The 90-degree bend of Street Elbows allows for space-efficient layouts, making them ideal for installations where maximizing available space is crucial.
  • Materials Adaptability:The availability of Street Elbows in various materials ensures adaptability to different applications, offering options suitable for different fluid types and environmental conditions.

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Street Elbow

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