U Bolt Mechanical Tee

  • A U-bolt Mechanical Tee is a specialized fitting used in pipe and tubing systems, particularly those that require secure mounting or clamping to a surface.
  • U-bolt Mechanical Tees are commonly found in industrial settings where precise alignment and secure installation of pipelines are critical.
  • Unlike traditional tees which are designed for joining pipes at 90-degree angles, the U-bolt Mechanical Tee combines the functionality of a tee with a U-bolt mounting mechanism.
  • In this type of fitting, one end resembles a standard mechanical tee, allowing it to connect with pipes through threading or other connection methods.



Product Description

Product Details

U bolt mechanical tee is a specialized type of fitting used in piping systems to create branch connections. It provides a reliable and secure connection while allowing for easy installation and disassembly.A U bolt mechanical tee consists of a main run pipe, a branch pipe, and a U-shaped bolt that connects the two pipes together. The U bolt is placed around the run pipe, with the branch pipe positioned in the opening of the U shape. Nuts are tightened onto the U bolt to secure the branch pipe in place. This design allows for a strong and stable connection.


1. Strength and Stability: The U bolt design provides excellent strength and stability to the branch connection.

2. Easy Installation and Disassembly: U bolt mechanical tees offer a simple and efficient installation process.

3. Versatile Application: U bolt mechanical tees are suitable for various piping systems, including plumbing, industrial processes, and HVAC systems.

Where is U Bolt Mechanical Tee used?

1. Plumbing Systems: U bolt mechanical tees are commonly used in plumbing systems to create branch connections for water supply lines, drainage systems, and irrigation systems.

2. Industrial Processes: U bolt mechanical tees find applications in industrial processes, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and manufacturing.

3. HVAC Systems: U bolt mechanical tees are also utilized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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U Bolt Mechanical Tee

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