Victaulic Grooved Pipe Fittings

YINUO offers a diverse portfolio of piping solution products. Their manufacturing capabilities include the full range of fittings types commonly used in pipeline applications.

Victaulic grooved pipe fittings refer to a type of pipe fitting system that utilizes a grooved mechanical coupling to join pipes together. This system is commonly used in various industries, including HVAC, fire protection, mining, and oil and gas. The Victaulic grooved pipe fitting system is known for its simplicity, efficiency, and reliability. It eliminates the need for welding or threading, making installation faster and easier. The grooved couplings consist of two segments that grip the pipe ends, creating a secure and leak-tight connection. These couplings can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for quick modifications or repairs to the piping system.



Product Description

Grooved pipe fittings are a type of mechanical pipe joining system commonly used in industrial piping applications. Rather than welding or threading pipes together, grooved fittings connect pipe via interlocking steel grooves cut circumferentially into the pipe ends.

A flexible coupling houses rubber gaskets that compress to form a pressure-tight seal between the grooves. These couplings can be installed without heat and are suitable for joining different pipe materials like steel, ductile iron.

Compared to other joining methods, grooved fittings offer several advantages. They can be installed faster without specialized skills or equipment like welders. The grooved connection is very secure and will not leak or come loose over time. Disassembly and replacement of sections is also simpler if needed.


Products For Mechanical-T Bolted Branch Outlet Style Victaulic Tee:

  • Grooved couplings like the AWWA ductile iron flexible coupling provide a reliable connection for Schedule 40 pipe where branches meet. Available in sizes like 4 inches grooved x 4 inches grooved, these fittings are rated for service up to 300 psi at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • One key benefit is their ability to join pipeline sections together quickly in the field. Rather than welding flanges, installers simply need to cut the pipe ends to length and insert the grooved pieces. The coupling housing then bolts around the grooves, forming a waterproof joint.
  • As both Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and FM Approved products, these grooved fittings meet high standards for safety. They see widespread use in water transmission and distribution systems due to their robust construction and simplified installation compared to other joining methods. Industries such as oil/gas and construction also utilize grooved couplings for their versatile, time-saving connection options.
Type: Mechanical Tee
Material: Ductile Iron; Material: ASTM A536, Grade 65, 45, 12.
Size: 2 – 8″ | DN50 – DN200
Ends: Grooved End.
Surface Treatment Orange Painting or RED


What is the difference between tee and mechanical tee?

The MECHANICAL-T BOLTED BRANCH OUTLET STYLE Victaulic Tee pipe fitting is used for connecting pipes of the same diameter, while the reducing tee is used for connecting pipes of different diameters. The branch diameter of the mechanical tee connection can never be equal to the main pipe diameter.
The MECHANICAL-T BOLTED BRANCH OUTLET STYLE Victaulic Tee serves the same function as the MT-1 and MT-8 but uses a steel electro-plated U-bolt to save space for easier installation in tight places. The MT-90 is ideal for direct connections with sprinkler heads and drop nipples.

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