Reliable Connections for Industry’s Most Demanding Piping Systems

Dec 4, 2023 | NEWS

As global infrastructure expands to deliver vital resources, grooved piping components from YINUO reliably join pressurized flows at scale.

Grooved Pipe Fittings Sizes

Fittings support pipes from 1/2″ to 24″ diameter in ductile iron, carbon steel and stainless alloys. Metric dimensions complement standard NPS sizing worldwide.

Grooved Concentric Raducer

Grooved Couplings and Fittings

Flexible EPDM gaskets within steel coupling/ galvanized grooved fittings form permanent leak-free seals without welding or soldering. Fast push-to-connect installation reduces costs versus threading.

Transition Couplings

Specialized couplings fuse grooved and threaded, flanged or mechanical joint piping for retrofits. Stainless models chemically join dissimilar metal lines.

Flexible Grooved Connectors

Bellows-style connectors absorb vibration and compensate for pipe movement in seismic zones or high-temperature applications.

Grooved Adapters

Adapters introduce grooved pipe connections to existing flanged equipment without fabrication. Reducers transition between sizes.

Bolted-Split Couplings

Split halves with buffed sleeve joints accept grooved, shoulder or plain-end piping. Bolt tightening compresses the cradle tightly around any pipe insertion.

Specialized Fittings

Tees, laterals and wyes efficiently distribute flows. Blind flanges cap open pipe ends during construction and commissioning.

Global Infrastructure Expertise

YINUO’s network of local manufacturers and certified installation experts support large-scale projects on schedule. Specialty configurations undergo rigorous testing.

As critical flow networks expand globally, YINUO’s precision-engineered grooved connections enhance efficiency, flexibility and long-term integrity within the world’s most demanding piping infrastructures.