Reliable Piping Solutions with Black Pipe Crosses

May 27, 2024 | NEWS

When assembling iron or steel pipe distribution systems, installers rely on durable fittings from suppliers like YINUO. As a trusted China manufacturer, YINUO offers a complete range of high-quality black pipe crosses ideal for various applications.

1 2 black pipe cross,

Benefits of 1/2″ Black Pipe Crosses

  • Corrosion Resistance: Fully galvanized finish protects against rusting from water, chemicals and weather.
  • Strength: Forged from low-carbon steel for resilience to withstand pressures, impacts and vibrations over decades of use.
  • Scalability: Standard 1/2″ size cross connects pipes for local plumbing or smaller pipeline manifolds.
  • Flow: Uniform channel through fitting joints prevent flow restrictions or turbulence.
  • Seal: Internally beveled design compresses pipe ends to ensure leak-proof seals using standard threaded connections.

Applications for Water, Gas & Industrial Piping

The 1 2 black pipe cross from YINUO suits:

  • Plumbing: Bathrooms, kitchens, indoor distribution to fixtures and appliances.
  • Gas: Low-pressure residential/commercial propane or natural gas lateral lines.
  • Industrial: Connecting sample/purge lines or distributing process fluids in plants.
  • Agriculture: Transporting water for irrigation, livestock/poultry operations.

YINUO also offers precision machined fittings for 1″ and 4″ piping systems used in:

  • Pipelines: Transporting water, slurries, chemicals over long distances.
  • Factories: Conveying raw materials, waste streams between production equipment.
  • Construction: Temporary drainage, coating application and sprinkler installation.

As a large supplier, YINUO maintains inventories of metric and NPT threaded fittings ranging 1/2″-4″ to satisfy diverse volume projects.

Discover why engineers, contractors and plant operators rely on YINUO quality black pipe fittings for system integrity and long-lasting performance. Please contact us to source threaded crosses, elbows, tees and related parts. For small size of fittings to match 1 inch black pipe or 4 inch black pipe, YINUO provides you factory price.