Revealing the Ingenuity in Grooved Connectors: Spotlight On Mechanical Tees

Feb 28, 2024 | NEWS

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As a major grooved fittings manufacturer in China, YINUO specializes in producing a variety of high-quality grooved pipe fittings, including grooved joints, elbows, and especially mechanical tees. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and strict quality inspection processes, we produce groove fittings that excel in performance, longevity and ease of installation. Our mechanical tees are available in a variety of sizes and are carefully designed to fit into a variety of industries and connect all types of pipes. while maintaining the structural soundness of pipeline infrastructure.

Threaded Grooved Mechanical Tee NPT Outlet Product Description

Size RangeDN50 x DN32 to DN100 x DN32 (2″ x 1¼” to 4″ x 3″)
MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSUREUp to 20.7 bar (300 psi)*
WORKING TEMPERATURE-34°C to 110°C (-30°F to 230°F)

Mechanical Tees: Versatile Junctions Enhancing Fluid Distribution Efficiency

Mechanical tees stand as foundational components within our array of offerings, assuming pivotal roles as key connectors in the intricate networks of plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, and industrial pipelines. Crafted with meticulous precision, they feature grooves engineered to securely embrace pipes, obviating the necessity for laborious welding or threading processes. Distinguished by their adaptable design. Mechanical tees gracefully cater to an array of pipe diameters and materials, guaranteeing a harmonious incorporation within both pre-established systems and fresh installations. Their sturdy constitution and imperviousness to corrosion render them exceedingly well-suited for environments demanding resilience against elevated pressures and temperatures.

Traditional Threaded Mechanical Tee Precision

In addition to our assortment of grooved fittings, we produce threaded mechanical tees that unite the established durability of threaded connections with contemporary manufacturing precision. These fittings undergo meticulous machining to ensure precise thread configurations, facilitating a secure seal that mitigates the risk of leaks. Deployed particularly in situations necessitating pipe dismantling or where grooved connections are impractical, our threaded mechanical tee uphold the same standards of robustness and resistance to corrosion inherent in our comprehensive product line.

Operating as a prominent manufacturer of grooved fittings, we uphold a steadfast commitment to excellence throughout our product offerings, ranging from the cutting-edge grooved mechanical tees to the enduring threaded variants. Each product exemplifies our unwavering dedication to equipping the industry with reliable and effective solutions to fluid distribution challenges. By fostering continual innovation and maintaining strict adherence to exacting quality benchmarks, we endeavor to provide engineers, contractors, and facility managers with the requisite instruments for constructing and preserving durable piping infrastructures.