See Whether China Threaded Nipple Pipe Is Something You Are Looking For

Oct 18, 2023 | NEWS

Threaded nipple pipe refer to threaded pipe connectors, which are the most common pipe fittings in industry and life.Threaded nipple pipe make pipe connections simpler and easier to disassemble and replace, which greatly saves the cost of pipe connections.

Threaded nipple pipe generally include threaded elbows, threaded tees, threaded unions, threaded pipe caps, threaded pipe hoops, threaded reducers, threaded plugs, threaded external wires, core fillers, etc.

Threaded nipple pipe used in industry are generally made of metal, with high pressure resistance, and the materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, etc.; threaded joints used in daily life are generally made of PC, PVC, PE, PPR, etc.

There are many types and models of threaded nipple pipes, and you may encounter confusion and trouble during the selection process. In order to reduce buyers’ confusion, YINUO,China will introduce the classification and differences of threaded pipe joints to buyers in this article.

Various specialized size of threaded nipple pipe

Threaded nipple pipe come in various sizes, and experts use a special unit to describe the size of pipe joints:ips. Ips means Iron pipe size.The 1/4, 1/2, and 1/8 ips in the threaded nipple pipe refer to the diameter of the pipe, in inches. Insiders usually refer to thread sizes in cents, with one inch equaling 8 cents, 1/4 inch equaling 2 cents, and so on.1/4 ips threaded nipple pipe belongs to the most common used list.1/4 ips threaded nipple pipes are usually used for gas or liquid connections and are commonly used in air compressors, pneumatic tools, liquid transfer systems and other areas.

A special case of threaded nipple pipe

There is a special type of threaded nipple pipe —-pipe nipple threaded one end. This type of joint also is called a threaded welded joint. It connects two types of joints with external threads on one end and welded steel pipes on the other end through welding.

This kind of pipe nipple threaded one end is usually used where one pipe is directly connected to another pipe, which can improve the strength and sealing of the pipe. Before connection, the welded steel pipe needs to be heated and the welding slag and dirt removed to ensure the welding quality. After the joint is connected, a sealing test is required to ensure that the connection does not leak air or water. This kind of joint is easy to install, disassemble and repair, and is widely used in various pipeline systems.

In this type of pipe nipple threaded one end, the pipe has embedded external threads on one end and an internally threaded sleeve on the other end. This sleeve can be rotated on the external thread to connect and disconnect pipes. Another feature of this type of pipe nipple threaded one end is that the connection length can be adjusted by itself and is suitable for connecting pipes of different diameters and lengths.

Female threaded pipe nipple of different dimensions

 A female threaded pipe nipple is a threaded structure that opens up inside a water pipe or within the wall of a pipe. Its function is to work with the external thread to tighten the connection between two different sizes of water pipes, usually used for fixed connections.Female threaded pipe nipples are more secure and have a longer service life.

Female water pipe threads are usually used in the following scenarios:

1. Fittings and fixing bracket connections of water pipes. In this case, the internal thread can fix the connection and ensure the sealing of the connection.

2. The connection between the household water pipe and the inlet pipe. Usually, small diameter pipes are used for domestic water pipes, while municipal water inlet pipes are of relatively large diameters. In this case, the use of internal threads in the water pipe joints can reduce the pressure loss.

3. When the water pipe is connected to other devices, such as connecting washing machines, taps, etc..

 So female threaded pipe nipple dimensions vary to suit threaded nipple pipe.No matter of threaded pipe nipple dimensions or material,YINUO pay equal attention and specialization to products and clients.We are always waiting for your call!