The Hex Nipples Used To Connect The Pipe Has Different Materials

Nov 22, 2023 | NEWS

Pipe fittings are components that connect pipes and are often used to connect, convert, distribute, control, or stop the flow of fluid. They connect pipes to form different pipeline systems, such as water, gas, oil and other pipeline systems. There are many kinds of pipe fittings, which are mainly divided into welding, thread and bayonet according to their connection mode. According to the shape and function, it can be divided into elbow, three-way, four-way, different diameter pipe, same diameter pipe, caliber change and so on.

Function of pipe fittings:

threaded pipe nipple

1. Connection: the basic function of a fitting is to connect two segments of pipe.

Through the connection, different forms of pipeline systems can be formed to meet the needs of different industries and industries.

2. Conversion: fittings can convert fluid from one direction to another, such as elbows, tees, and tees.

3. Distribution: pipe fittings can divide the fluid into multiple strands and connect different equipment or workshops through branch pipes.

4. Control: pipe fittings can adjust fluid pressure, flow, temperature and density, such as one-way valve, control valve and so on.

5. Prevent backflow: in the piping system, fittings can prevent fluid backflow, such as check valves, butterfly valves, etc.

Today YINUO,a leading Galvanized Iron Pipe Fittings Hex Nipple Supplier from China will focus on hex nipples, a important type of pipe fittings used for connection in pipeline system.


The most common Pipe Fittings Hex Nipple

Hex nipple is a commonly used mechanical connector, also known as threaded bolt outer wire. Its function is to connect more than two parts together, usually with nuts. When the loosening or fastening of the connector is required, the use of hex nipple will be more convenient and firm.

Types and characteristics of hex nipple materials.

1. Common types of materials.

There are many kinds of hex nipples, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, brass and copper.

Among them, carbon steel is a commonly used material, which has high strength and hardness, but poor corrosion resistance; alloy steel has better corrosion resistance and high temperature performance; stainless steel has more anti-corrosion properties and longer service life.

2. Characteristic comparison.

Hex nipples of different materials will have different characteristics.

For example, the price of hex nipple made of carbon steel is relatively low, but it is easy to rust in wet or acid-alkali environment; hex nipple made of stainless steel has obvious advantages in anti-corrosion performance, but the price is higher.

Therefore, according to the specific use environment and requirements, the selection of hex nipple of suitable material can better ensure its use effect.

Nowadays new-updated material of hex nipples,such as Galvanized Iron Pipe Fittings Hex Nipples are getting more and more applied.

Special metal materials of hex nipples

Malleable iron hex nipples

Because the carbon content of malleable cast iron is higher than that of cast steel, the casting performance of malleable iron hex nipples is better than that of cast steel, and the strength and toughness of malleable iron hex nipples is similar to that of corresponding cast steel after heat treatment.

Malleable cast iron fittings have the following advantages:

* with high strength, σ b300~375MPa.

* it has high plasticity and an elongation of 612%.

* it has high toughness, and the impact toughness of the unnotched specimen can reach 100~137KJ/m3.

* excellent heat resistance.

* excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance

Galvanized Iron Pipe Fittings Hex Nipple

1. Good anticorrosion performance.

The main feature of galvanized iron is its good anti-corrosion performance.

By galvanizing iron parts, a zinc-iron alloy protective layer can be formed on the surface of iron and steel, which can effectively prevent the surface of iron and steel from oxidation and corrosion.

2. Long service life.

Galvanized iron has the characteristics of long life, which can prolong the service life of iron parts.

In the harsh environment, galvanized iron is not easy to be corroded, which can ensure that it will not rust for a long time and have a longer service life.