Two Common Types Of Opening And Closing Gate Valves Made Of Ductile Iron

Nov 7, 2023 | NEWS

Also known as a gate valve, the valve body is equipped with a gate perpendicular to the direction of material flow, the gate valve opens when the gate is raised and closes when it is lowered. The gate valve consists of spindle, stem nut, screw cap, stem, valve body, gate plate, protruding surface and other components. Gate valve is a kind of valve that can only be used for opening and closing, not for flow adjustment. Gate valve can be classified according to the material and opening and closing method.

Among the various new materials developed in recent years, ductile iron, as a kind of high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal material, is widely used in various fittings and facilities of piping system. Ductile iron gate valve can withstand high temperature and high pressure media flow, at the same time has good wear resistance.

Next, YINUO,China will introduce our readers to two common types of ductile iron gate valves: knife gate valves and slide gate valves.

A simple open and close type gate valve

Knife gate valve is a simple open and close type valve, through the knife plate and seat up and down to control the flow of media. It has the features of simple structure, easy operation, reliable sealing and so on. Widely used in water, sewage treatment, air conditioning, construction and other fields.

Structure and function of knife gate valve

4 inch Knife Gate Valve’s opening and closing member is the gate, gate movement direction perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, by can cut fibre material knife-edge gate to cut off the medium, gate has two sealing surfaces, the most commonly used mode gate valve two sealing surfaces to form a wedge, wedge angle varies with the parameters of the valve, usually 5 °, wedge-type knife gate valve gate can be made into a whole, called the rigid gate; can also be made into a deformation of the micro-deformation of the Gate to improve its craftsmanship, to make up for the angle of the sealing surface in the processing of the deviation, this gate is called elastic gate. There is no chamber in the valve body, the gate is lifted in the side guiding groove, and the lugs at the bottom are tightly pressed on the valve seat, if it is necessary to achieve high media sealing, O-shaped sealing seat can be used to achieve bidirectional sealing. Knife gate valve has a small installation space, low working pressure, not easy to accumulate debris.

A type of flat gate valve

4 inch slide gate valve usually refers to the flat gate valve, is a kind of closing member for the parallel gate sliding valve. Slide gate valve with self-sealing capacity of the packing structure, no need for frequent adjustment, open and close the extremely light, and reliable sealing, packing box with auxiliary sealing grease injection structure, sealing performance is absolutely reliable, truly zero leakage, to solve the general valve packing is most likely to leakage drawbacks.

The features of 14 inch slide gate valve include:

  • Intercepting performance: the sliding gate of the sliding gate valve can fully open or close the pipeline, providing good intercepting performance to prevent media leakage.
  • Low pressure loss: due to the structural characteristics of the sliding gate, the sliding gate valve forms a straight passage with almost no resistance when fully open, thus reducing pressure loss and improving flow.
  • Tight seal: The sliding gate of the sliding gate valve forms a tight seal between the sliding gate and the valve seat, effectively preventing media leakage.
  • Abrasion resistance: the sliding gate valve is made of wear-resistant material, which has good wear resistance in long time use and prolongs the service life of the valve.
  • Quick response: the operation of the sliding gate valve is flexible, and the sliding gate can quickly respond to the control signal to open or close.