Understanding Cross Tee Fittings and Their Applications

Jan 16, 2024 | NEWS

Cross tee fittings are commonly used in piping systems to connect three or more pipes together at a junction. There are different types suited to various plumbing and industrial piping needs.

Cross Tee

A basic cross tee fitting has three outlets – one inlet and two outlets at 90 degree angles. It connects three pipes at a T-intersection. Materials include brass, steel or plastic depending on the application.

Cross tees are often used to split pipe flows or to connect additional branch lines to a main pipe run. They provide flexibility in system layouts.

Cross Tee Fitting

Manufactured cross tee fittings from cross tee fitting company, have welded, threaded or flanged ends depending on the piping material. Welding outlet styles allow installation between flanges. Threaded types use common standards like NPT.

Pressure ratings are marked and fittings are tested for leak-proof joints. Various materials resist corrosion from water, chemicals and gases inside pipes.

4 Way Cross Tee

A four way cross tee by 4 way cross tee factory, has a cross-shaped internal flow path with four equal outlets arranged at 90 degree angles. It connects four pipes meeting at one junction.

Commonly used in plumbing fixtures to split water supply to multiple taps or shower heads. Industrial applications include fluid distribution in plants and facilities.

Proper selection of cross tees based on pipe specifications ensures smooth, efficient flow transmission at three or multiple way pipe intersections. The compact design saves space in congested locations too.