What’s advantages of grooved pipe fittings with YINUO

Sep 15, 2023 | NEWS

Grooved pipe fittings include two broad categories of products:

①Pipe fittings that serve as connection seals include rigid joints, flexible joints, mechanical tees and grooved flanges;

②Pipe fittings that serve as connection transitions include elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, blind plates, etc.

The groove connection pipe fittings that function as connection seals mainly consist of three parts: sealing rubber rings, clamps and locking bolts. The inner rubber sealing ring is placed on the outside of the connected pipe and matches the groove. Then clamp on the outside of the rubber ring and tighten it with two bolts. Due to the unique sealable structural design of its rubber sealing ring and clamp, the groove connection has good sealing performance, and as the fluid pressure in the pipe increases, its sealing performance increases accordingly.

1. Fast: The grooved clamp connection and corresponding pipe fittings are used to install the pipeline. There is no need for welding, secondary galvanizing, or secondary installation during construction. Increased placement speed.

2. Flexible The clamp connection is light in weight, has a small number of bolts, is easy to install, and does not require special skills.

3. Reliability: Scientific and reasonable structural design, unique C-shaped rubber sealing ring, and triple sealing ensure the reliability of the continuous sealing.

4. It is safe to use grooved clamps to connect and install corresponding pipe fittings. Only mechanical assembly is required, no welding is required, and there is no open flame. Therefore, there is no welding slag to cloud the pipeline, which ensures the safety of the construction site and is suitable for construction under fire ban conditions. , especially suitable.

5. Economical: Because installation is fast, no special skills are required, and the installation repair rate is low, the overall installation cost can be reduced by 30-50% compared with flanges.

6. Small space occupied: The grooved clamp connection takes up about 70% of the space of the flange, and because the number of fastening bolts is small and non-specific, it is particularly suitable for construction in conditions of narrow space.

7. Simple maintenance. Safe and reliable product quality. As long as it is installed properly, the pipelines will pass the first pressure test and operate safely. There is no need for maintenance at ordinary times, and spare parts do not need to be replaced for decades.

8. Wide range of practical pipe materials: The grooved clamp connection can be used to connect various seamless steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, welded steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes and other metal pipes.

9. Flexible connection of pipelines can be achieved. The pipelines connected by flexible grooved clamps form a flexible system, which can absorb the length displacement of the pipes due to temperature changes and allow the pipes to have a certain deflection angle.