Y strainer is a kind of high efficient and protective filtering equipment.

Nov 20, 2023 | NEWS

Y strainer is an indispensable filtering device for the pipeline system of conveying medium. the Y strainer is usually installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, constant water level valve or other equipment to remove impurities in the medium. to protect the normal use of valves and equipment. Y strainer has the characteristics of advanced structure, low resistance, convenient discharge and so on. Y strainer is suitable for water, oil and gas. The general water network is 1830 mesh, the ventilation network is 10mm 100 mesh, and the oil network is 100mm 480 mesh. The basket filter is mainly composed of nozzle, supervisor, blue filter, flange, flange cover and fastener, etc. When the liquid enters the filter blue through the main pipe, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter, and the clean fluid is discharged through the filter blue and discharged from the filter outlet.

Ductile Iron Cast Iron Y strainer is the most common type of Y strainer.In this article,YINUO,a experienced China manufacturer will introduce Y strainer in detail.

Wide application of Y filter.

1. Suitable materials:

A. Weakly corrosive materials in chemical and petrochemical production, such as water, ammonia, oil products, hydrocarbons, etc.

B, corrosive materials produced by chemical industry, such as caustic soda, soda ash, concentrated and dilute sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, ester acid, etc.

C, cryogenic materials in refrigeration, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen and various refrigerants.

D. Materials with hygienic requirements in light industrial food and pharmaceutical production, such as beer, beverages, dairy products, grain pulp, medical supplies, etc.

2. Filtration accuracy: 10-480mesh (general water network is 18-30 mesh / cm2, ventilation network is 40-100mesh / cm2, oil network is 100,480mesh / cm2.


3. Working temperature: ≤ 90 ℃.

4. Nominal size: DN25-DN600mm.

5. Nominal pressure: PN ≤ 1.6Mpa (other working pressure can be designed according to user requirements).

6. Flange standard: JB/T 79 PN1.6 (can also be manufactured according to user requirements)

7. Shell materials: A3,304,304L, 316,316L, WCB,Cast Iron Y strainer


Ductile Iron and Cast Iron Y strainer

Ductile Iron Y strainer and cast iron Y strainer are both in the range of the most common material for Y strainer.Here are their advantages:

High wear resistance

The surface hardness of nodular ductile iron is so high that it is not easy to scratch, wear or corrosion. Therefore, the cast iron filter has a long service life and can be durable under heavy load, high pressure and high speed rotation.

High strength and high temperature resistance

The high strength and high temperature resistance of cast iron is also one of its advantages. Compared with other metal materials, ductile iron has higher strength and hardness and can withstand more pressure and load. In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion of cast iron is low, so it can maintain stability in high temperature environment.

Easy to process and shape

The microstructure of ductile iron is compact and various processing and forming methods can be used. Cast iron is also easy to cast into complex shapes and structures.

Matters needing attention in the use of Y strainer

Finally, YINUO,China wants to  share some notes on the use of Y strainer. if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Installation location: when installing the Y strainer, the appropriate installation location should be selected for easy operation and maintenance.

Install the Y strainer in a place that is easy to observe and control as far as possible, and it can also be easily removed and installed during maintenance.

Flow range: when using a Y strainer, make sure it is suitable for the actual water flow.

If the water flow exceeds the maximum flow of the filter, the filter may not work or cause excessive pressure loss.

Filtering accuracy: Y strainers can usually provide different filtering accuracy, so the appropriate filtering accuracy should be selected according to different application scenarios.

At the same time, the filter screen in the filter basket should be checked and replaced regularly to ensure the filter effect.

Safe operation: when using Y strainer, be sure to follow the relevant safety operating procedures and use appropriate personal protective equipment.

Especially during cleaning and maintenance, care should be taken to avoid contact with dangerous substances and substances that may cause harm, such as hot water or chemicals.