Product Description

  1. The ductile iron unit releases large volumes of air while the polyamide unit releases small volumes of air and sucks air in case of vacuum.
  2. Floats from non-corrosive material.
  3. Body can be provided with threaded outlet for connecting a discharge valve.
  4. Flanged connection with multi-size universal drilling (DN 50-65 PN 16-25; DN 80 PN 16-25 and DN 100 PN 16-25).
    From DN150 slip-on flange version (revolving flange). With an inner basket (up to DN80) or special guides into body casting (from DN150) to keep float in optimal position during operation.
  5. Safety air valve ductile iron PIN16 are prone to collecting air from incoming fluids, pumps and connections. This air can cause inefficiencies and serious operating problems. Last year, VALVE Magazine published “Why Air Valves are Needed in Water Applications,” which outlined the sources and effects of air in pipelines. This article explains how the various types of air valves operate in liquid piping systems. Air release valves, which expel trapped air in a pipeline, are familiar to most people, but many other types of air valves are out there that have special functions, unique construction for wastewater and sizes up to NPS 20. Safeguarding piping systems from air-related problems requires knowing how to select and install the right air valves. Minimum operating pressure 0,5 bar.


Product Parameter

Body ASTM A536 65-45-12
Cover ASTM A536 65-45-12
Seat ASTM A582 316SS
O-ring EPDM
Float Retainer ASTM F879 316SS
Vent Cap and Screen ASTM A536 65-45-12 (Screen 316SS)


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