YINUO as a steady manufacturer and supplier of Tees in China, consistently offers a selection of top-tier Tees at competitive factory wholesale prices. Our products are intricately crafted to embody reliability.

Malleable Black Iron Tee Fittings

  • A black malleable iron pipe tee is used to connect three pipe segments at a common junction or intersection.
  • Consists of a main run segment and two offset branch segments that intersect at 90 degree angles.
  • Available in threaded sizes from 1/2" to 6" to match common pipe dimensions.
  • May have reducing couplings, bushings for joining different pipe sizes. Straight or 45 degree branch pipe fitting tee also available.
  • Typically has NPT threading on all three openings for connection to iron or steel piping systems.

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Be sure to promptly reach out to us to discuss the wholesale pricing for our Tee products. Our seasoned sales team is more than happy to share our compelling price structure and explore collaborative opportunities. We excel in delivering strong OEM services tailored to clients who wish to embrace private labeling. Whether your needs are for standardized or uniquely customized production, our dedicated account managers are poised to fashion the most suitable solutions through constructive and supportive alliances. The essence of our approach lies in gaining a deep understanding of your specific goals and requirements, followed by a joint effort to chart the most advantageous route to realizing your success.

Reasons Overseas Customers Choose YINUO:

  • 30+ years experience in pipe fittings with proven product performance.
  • Large-scale manufacturing capabilities with 50+ employees, 3 product designers and 5 production lines.
  • High daily output of over $2 million enables competitive pricing.
  • Exporting to numerous countries in Asia Pacific, Latin America and beyond.
  • Extensive project experience with fire protection, gas, HVAC, and household systems.
  • Flexibility to provide OEM/custom solutions to meet diverse buyer needs.
  • Integrated operations drives cost efficiencies without compromising on quality standards.

YINUO Will Suggest Specific Safety Precautions When Installing Black Iron Tees

  • Wear protective gloves, safety glasses and other PPE to avoid potential cuts and debris.
  • Clean fittings and lubricate threads properly to prevent thread galling which can weaken joints over time.
  • Use two wrenches when joining fittings to pipes – one to prevent the pipe from twisting and damaging connections further upstream.
  • Pressure test piping systems before use and inspect for leaks.
  • Identify all pipe and gas contents clearly to avoid accidental mixing of incompatible fluids.
  • Ventilate work areas properly when brazing or soldering to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes.

Specifications Of YINUO Black Iron Tee

  • All Anvil® Class 300 Malleable Iron Fittings conform to ASME B16.3
  • Material – ASTM A197 ASTM A47 DIN 1562
  • Threaded – ISO7-1 DIN2999
  • Size Available – 1/4″ to 6 inch
  • Surface – Hot Dip Galvanized, Black, Zinc-Plate