Galvanized Tee

As a foremost authority in the manufacturing and supplying of Galvanized Tees in China, YINUO consistently offers a premium selection of Galvanized Tees at competitively low, factory-direct wholesale prices. Every one of our products undergoes rigorous engineering to ensure they embody exceptional durability and reliability, thereby guaranteeing our clientele the pinnacle of performance and contentment.

YINUO Tell You What Galvanize Tee Is?

A galvanized tee is a type of piping fitting that is used to connect three pipes at a 90-degree angle junction:

  • Equal Tee Galvanized are made out of steel or ductile iron. They undergo a hot-dip galvanizing process after fabrication to provide corrosion protection.
  • They come in different pipe sizes to fit schedule 5 to schedule 80 steel/ductile iron piping as needed. Standard tees have openings sized to connect pipes at a true 90-degree angle.
  • The interior and exterior surfaces are coated with a layer of zinc. This zinc coating protects the base material from rust and corrosion.
  • Screwed, grooved, or flanged openings allow connection to other piping elements using threading, grooved couplings, or flanges/bolts.

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Should you be considering wholesale pricing for our Galvanized Tee products, please contact us. Our well-informed sales team is enthusiastic about sharing our aggressive price catalog and exploring different collaborative prospects with you. Besides direct sales transactions, we take pride in delivering a strong OEM service that caters to clients desiring private labeling.Regardless of whether your requirement pertains to standard or customized production, our committed sales personnel stand ready to create the best-suited solutions through collaborative and supportive relationships. Our mission is to deeply understand your specific objectives and needs, and in unison, identify the most suitable strategy to drive your desired outcomes.

A Leading Galvanize Tee Manufacturer & Supplier Own YINUO Brand

Now operating globally under the Yinuo brand name, Yutian Yudong provides comprehensive piping solutions through integrated research, development, manufacturing and distribution capabilities. Its extensive product lineup covers malleable and grooved steel, ductile iron fittings and valves, as well as accessories – catering to fire protection, gas piping, HVAC, residential, and other commercial applications worldwide.

With customer needs central to its mission, Yinuo has achieved worldwide recognition as a trusted partner for high-quality piping componentry supporting critical infrastructure and everyday living environments across diverse geographies and industries.

YINUO Galvanize Tee With Many Features

  • Galvanization involves applying a protective zinc coating to the steel tee. This coating acts as a barrier against corrosion.
  • The zinc coating on galvanized tees enhances their durability and extends their lifespan.
  • Galvanized tees require minimal maintenance over their lifespan. The protective zinc coating reduces the need for frequent inspections, repairs, and replacements.
  • Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings can be cost-effective in the long run due to their durability and low maintenance requirements.