Hex Nipple

YINUO as a distinguished Hex Nipple manufacturer and supplier hailing from China for being a distinguished Hex Nipple manufacturer and supplier hailing from China, finds immense satisfaction in offering a diverse array of superior Hex Nipple options at compelling wholesale rates. We insist that quality is the first, the degree of use and reliability of customers is the first, and consistently create more perfect products to meet the standards of various industries.

As an exacting and stringent China-based manufacturer and supplier of Hex Nipples, YINUO consistently supplies a top-tier selection of these components at highly competitive factory wholesale rates. Our Hex Nipples are designed and fabricated with meticulous precision to ensure maximum durability and unwavering reliability, thereby guaranteeing our valued customers the utmost level of performance and contentment.

5 Common Types Of Pipe Nipples, You Need To Know

  • Close or Running Nipple: The close nipple, also referred to as a running nipple, is a frequently used pipe nipple. It consists of a short pipe with male threads running along its entire length.
  • Hexagonal Nipple: The hexagonal nipple features threaded ends with a small unthreaded space in between. This design allows for the use of a wrench on the unthreaded section, providing a secure grip without damaging the threads.
  • Reducing Nipple: When connecting pipes or fittings of different sizes, a reducing nipple, also known as an unequal nipple, is ideal. It facilitates the connection between components with varying diameters.
  • Hose Nipple: Hose nipples are specifically designed to connect pipes to tubing. As the name suggests, they are commonly used for joining hoses in plumbing or fluid transfer applications.
  • Welding Nipple: Welding nipples have one threaded end and another non-threaded end that resembles a regular pipe. These nipples are particularly useful when connecting a piping system to welded fittings or pipes.

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YINUO Hex Nipples

A Malleable Iron Hex Nipple is a type of pipe fitting used to connect pipes in plumbing, HVAC, and other fluid transfer systems. So What exactly it is? As well-known hex nipple manufacturer will explain below:

  • Consists of a short piece of pipe (nipple) with male National Pipe Thread (NPT) ends.
  • Typically made from ductile iron, stainless steel, brass, or galvanized steel.
  • Contains an external hexagonal section in the center region of the nipple.
  • Available in different sizes (1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ etc.) matching common piping diameters.
  • Used to connect fittings like elbows, tees, valves, adapters in piping networks.
  • Provides strong, pressure-tight threaded connection between components.

Pipe Nipple Length Measurement Standards

Pipe nipples are measured for their overall length from end to end, regardless of whether the ends are plain, threaded, or a combination.

To determine Galvanized Iron Pipe Fittings Hex Nipple length, use a caliper or thread gauge to measure the precise distance between the outer edges of each end. For accuracy, take measurements at several points around the circumference and average the results.

Careful measurement of overall nipple length is important for proper sizing and fitting in piping installations.

YINUO Teach You To Choose Pipe Nipple Hex Type

  • Diameter – The inner diameter (ID) or outer diameter (OD) must match the connecting pipe’s diameter.
  • Length – The overall nipple length from end to end must fit the space between mating components.
  • Material – The nipple material (steel, brass, plastic, etc.) should suit the fluid properties and environment.
  • End Connections – End types (threaded, grooved, plain) must be compatible with the fittings they are joining.

Specifications Of YINUO Hex Nipple

  • Certification: UL/FM
  • Standard: ANSI OR EN
  • Body Material Spec: ASTM A197
  • Schedule: Sch40