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YINUO, a beloved manufacturer and supplier of Cross Tees in China, is delighted to offer a diverse array of premium Grooved Tees at competitively advantageous wholesale rates. Our unwavering commitment to unmatched quality, dependability, and client contentment empowers us to steadfastly furnish goods that surpass prevailing industrial benchmarks with their enduring craftsmanship and trustworthiness.

YINUO Brand And YUDONG Are Worth To Trusted

  • We provide competitive wholesale pricing compared to others in the market.
  • Our products have passed stringent certifications like UL, FM, CE, BSI, and ISO, guaranteeing quality and safety.
  • With over 50 skilled technicians and manufacturing staff supported by a 3-person R&D team, we maintain high production standards.
  • Our 5 high-output automated lines allow a daily output exceeding 2 million units.
  • We export to various markets including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile, and Bolivia.
  • Customization services ensure manufacturing according to customer drawings.
  • As an OEM partner, we also cater to unique branding and specification needs, earning trust for our reliability in meeting all requirements.

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We cordially invite you to engage with our sales team to discuss the competitive wholesale pricing for our Cross Tee product line. Our team stands prepared to present our comprehensive price list and explore potential partnership opportunities. Not only do we provide direct sales, but we also excel in OEM services for those who wish to establish their own brand identity through private labeling.

Whether your requirements involve standard or bespoke production, the YINUO sales experts are committed to devising the perfect solutions via collaborative relationships. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of creating a personalized strategy that will propel your business towards greater achievements.

Definition Of Ductile Iron Cross Tee

A  cross tee fittings is a type of cross tee fitting that is specifically made from ductile iron material. Ductile iron, also known as nodular cast iron or spheroidal graphite iron, is a type of cast iron that exhibits enhanced strength, toughness, and ductility compared to traditional cast iron.

The design and functionality of a sanitary cross tee are similar to other cross tee fittings. It features a T-shaped configuration with four openings or ports, allowing for the connection of four pipes at right angles.

Top 6 Applications Of Ductile Iron Cross Tee Fittings

  • Branching and Distribution:
    3/4 cross tee play a crucial role in branching off a main pipeline to create secondary pipelines. They enable the distribution of fluids to different areas or components within a plumbing or piping system.
  • Grid Systems:
    Cross tees are often used in grid systems, where a network of pipes is arranged in a grid-like pattern. These systems are commonly found in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) installations.
  • Manifold Systems:
    Cross tees are essential components in manifold systems, which are used to divide and control the flow of fluids in various applications.
  • Junction Points:
    Cross tees are used at junction points where multiple pipes intersect.
  • Plumbing Systems:
    In plumbing systems, cross tees are used to create connections for fixtures such as sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs.
  • Industrial Piping Applications:
    Cross tees find applications in various industrial piping systems. It includes chemical processing, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

YINUO Brand Show You More Types Of Cast Irons In Foundries

  • Ductile Cast Iron – Developed in 1948, this alloy is highly significant for ferrous foundries. 4 way cross tee manufacturer offers improved toughness compared to other cast irons, making it less brittle.
  • Malleable Cast Iron – This alloy was popular before the advent of ductile iron. It undergoes a prolonged heat treatment process to achieve its desired properties. Precise control is necessary during the heat treatment phase.
  • White Cast Iron – This alloy is rapidly cooled, resulting in the formation of cementite within its lattice structure. Although brittle, it exhibits excellent hardness and abrasion resistance.
  • Gray Cast Iron – The most common type referred to as “cast iron,” gray cast iron is widely used. It possesses a microstructure characterized by graphite flakes, distinguishing it from white cast iron.