As a reputable Union manufacturer and supplier based in China, YINUO holds immense pride in presenting an extensive array of superior-quality Unions at highly competitive wholesale rates. Rooted in an unwavering commitment to unmatched quality, steadfast reliability, and customer delight, we consistently produce and supply goods that either meet or surpass established industrial norms, achieved through resilient designs and consistent dependability.

YINUO Brand Explain You Differences Between Union And Pipe Coupling

  • A Mf Flat Seat Union serves the purpose of joining two pipes together, ensuring a secure connection.
  • Conversely, a union fitting enables the convenient connection and disconnection of two pipes.
  • Pipe couplings are primarily utilized to link two pipes of the same diameter, whereas unions accommodate the connection of pipes with varying diameters.
  • In terms of cost, pipe couplings are more economical compared to unions, and they find common usage in scenarios where frequent disconnection of pipes is unnecessary.
  • On the other hand, Union Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings are pricier than pipe couplings but essential for applications that involve frequent pipe disconnections.

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Iron Pipes Coupling Fittings

A black malleable iron pipe fittings union serves as a brief segment of pipe utilized for joining two other pipes. They can be crafted from various materials. As a prominent manufacturer and supplier of pipe fittings, we offer coupling options in both black iron and malleable steel variants. Pipe couplings are well-suited for the connection of pipes that share the same diameter and possess compatible thread types.

Malleable Iron Unions

In contrast to black malleable iron pipe fittings gas pipe union that create a permanent connection between two pipes, unions are fittings designed to enable the disconnection of pipes without the need for cutting them apart. Unions comprise three components—the nut and two body halves—that securely screw together, enclosing a gasket placed between them. Typically manufactured from stainless steel or brass, unions are available in different sizes to accommodate various types of pipes. Unlike pipe couplings, unions do not necessitate matching threads on both ends of the pipe for proper fitting.

The Key Types Of Union Fittings By Duticle Iron Or Malleable Materials

Flanged Union Fittings:
Also called raised-face union fittings, these have female threaded ends connected by a bridged union piece with integral flanges.

Screwed Union Fittings:
Also known as female iron pipe thread (FIPT) unions, these have straight female threaded ends joined by a bridged union piece with male threads at both ends.

Welded Union Fittings:
These don’t have threaded or bolted connections but instead have straight pipe ends that butt together inside a bridged union housing.

Compression Union Fittings:
Also called press fit orgripper unions, these have straight pipe ends that are inserted into a bridged union housing containing gripping segments.

Swing Check Union Fittings:
A specialized type designed for hydraulic or pneumatic lines, these have a threaded cap that opens to allow access inside a straight-through bridged union housing. Used for installation or removal of check valves.

Advantages Of Company And YINUO Pipe Unions

Yudong as fittings manufacturer, provides advanced production technology and equipment, we list below:

  • The production workshop has more than 50 people.
  • Our products have passed UL, FM, CE, BSI, ISO and other certifications.
  • 3 senior research and development designers.
  • 5 production lines, and a daily output value of more than 2 million.

YINUO Pipe Unions features below:

  • Standard of union meets to ANSI/ASE B.1.20.1/EN10242.
  • Support processing customization, processing according to drawings.
  • Threaded also meets to EN10226.
  • Maximum Temperature is about 200°C (392°F).
  • Maximum Pressure is 25 BAR (363PSI) (2.5MPA) CLASS 150.