Hex Nipple

As a highly regarded Hex Nipple manufacturer and supplier based in China, YINUO takes immense pride in offering a diverse array of premium-quality Hex Nipples at fiercely competitive wholesale rates. Our steadfast commitment to unparalleled excellence, unwavering dependability, and supreme customer satisfaction ensures we consistently produce and deliver products that surpass industry norms, achieved through robust design and lasting performance.

YINUO Malleable black iron hex nipples

Malleable iron black hex nipple are threaded pipe fittings made from malleable cast iron with a black finish. They feature a hexagonal shape in the center, allowing for easy tightening and loosening using a wrench or a similar tool. These hex nipples are commonly used in plumbing and gas applications to connect and extend pipes or fittings.

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When asking the wholesale price for our Hex nipple products, you can choose to contact us.Our knowledgeable sales team stands ready to share our competitive price lists and investigate collaborative opportunities with you. Beyond direct sales transactions, we excel in providing robust OEM services for clients who are interested in private labeling. Whether you require standard or customized Hex Nipples, our dedicated YINUO sales experts are poised to develop the most effective solutions through collaborative and supportive relationships. Engage with us to start a dialogue – we are excited about the possibility of crafting a personalized strategy that bolsters your business’s prosperity.

Essential To Consider When Selecting The Appropriate Size For Hex Nipples

Threaded hex nipplee are available in a range of common sizes to accommodate different plumbing and piping needs. These sizes refer to the nominal pipe size (NPS).

Commonly available sizes for malleable black iron hex nipples:

1/8 inch
1/4 inch
3/8 inch
1/2 inch
3/4 inch
1 inch hex nipple
1 1/4 inches
1 1/2 inches
2 inches

Common Pressure Ratings For Malleable Black Iron Hex Nipples:

  • 150 psi (pounds per square inch): This is a common pressure rating for smaller-sized hex nipples, typically ranging from 1/8 inch to 2 inches.
  • 300 psi: Some larger-sized hex nipples, particularly those with a nominal size of 2 inches or above, may have a higher pressure rating of 300 psi.