YINUO, as a advanced China manufacturer and supplier of Flanged products, consistently delivers a selection of top-tier Flanged items at factory-direct wholesale rates. Each of our offerings is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, designed to guarantee exceptional durability and reliability. This unwavering commitment ensures our clientele experiences the utmost levels of both performance and contentment.

Introduce YINUO Brand - Owned By Leading Flanged Adapter Manufacturer

Established in 1990, Yutian Yudong Foundry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of malleable steel pipe fittings and grooved pipe fittings. As a renowned manufacturer and global supplier, we take pride in offering a wide range of flanged fitting crafted from diverse materials to cater to the specific requirements of customers worldwide.

Meanwhile, our brand, Yinuo, has consistently been committed to providing customers worldwide with comprehensive solutions for their piping system needs.

What Is Flanged Adapter?

A flanged adapter is a fitting that is used to connect pipe or equipment with different flange types or sizes. The key difference between flange adapters and stub-ends is their length. A Cast Iron Flange Adapter is longer, permitting it to be secured in a fusion machine like a pipe end for joining. Stub-ends are shorter adapters that do not provide enough length for attachment in fusion equipment.

Below are important information to know about flanged adapter:

  • It has two opposing female ends, one on each side, that are either of different sizes or different flanged elbow fitting specifications.
  • Allows joining of components that otherwise could not be directly connected due to incompatible flanges.
  • Must have adequate strength to withstand pressures/loads of system.

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You are welcome to contact us into the wholesale pricing options for our Flanged Wholesale. Our seasoned sales professionals are more than willing to share with you our advantageous price structure and jointly explore collaboration possibilities. Beyond direct sales transactions, we pride ourselves on offering powerful OEM services tailored for clients seeking private label branding.Whether you’re looking for standardized or customized manufacturing, our devoted sales team stands ready to devise tailor-made strategies through solid, cooperative relationships. Our primary aim is to thoroughly understand your goals and specific requirements, and subsequently collaborate with you to pinpoint the most effective course of action for your success.

YINUO Brand Flanged Adapters Ductile Iron Materials Divided Into 7 Types

Our solutions find extensive flanged pipe fitting applications in fire protection systems, gas pipeline systems, HVAC installations, household decoration, and more. Below is related instruction of common types:

  • Reducing flanged adapter: As the name suggests, this type has two flanges of different sizes, one larger and one smaller. This allows connection between pipes of varying diameters.
  • Flat-face flanged adapter: Used to join a flat-face flange to a raised-face or RTJ flange. This converts between different flange face types.
  • Lap joint flanged adapter: Designed to join slip-on flanges to welding neck flanges. It has a lap joint on one side for welding.
  • Orifice flange adapter: Has an orifice fitting welded into one flange to allow flow measurement in a pipeline.
  • Blind flanged adapter: One side is capped with a blind flange, used for ending a line or installing a flange where no component will connect.
  • Molded socket weld adapter: Used to connect socket weld flanges to threaded components like valves or instruments.
  • Lugged flanged adapter: Heavy duty type with lugs for bolting instead of flange holes, used in high pressure/temperature services.

YINUO Ductile Iron Flanged Adapter Excellent Ductile Iron Materials

  • Firstly, ductile iron flanged adapter designed to have a lifespan of over 100 years.
  • Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Thirdly, It incorporates recycled materials, offers energy savings during use, exhibits exceptional durability, can be recycled.
  • Moreover, it is as supported by the dedicated ductile iron flanged adapter industry.

YINUO Flanged Adapters Feature As Below:

  • Temperature range: –20°F to + 200°F/–29°C to +93°C
  • Bolts/Nuts: Carbon oval steel neck track bolts meeting the mechanical property requirements of ASTM A449
  • Track bolts & heavy hex nuts: zinc electroplated per ASTM B633 ZN/FE5
  • Nuts – Stainless Steel meeting the mechanical property requirements of ASTM F594