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Yutian Yudong Foundry Co., Ltd. Is Founded in 1990, it developed malleable steel pipe fittings in 1995, also developed grooved pipe fittings in 2010. Now its business scope has been expanded to: research, development, production and distribution of various malleable steel pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings, ductile iron fittings and valve with their accessories; The brand name is Yinuo, and “Yinuo” has always focused on providing piping system solutions for global customers., which are widely used in fire protection systems, gas pipeline systems, HVAC, household decoration etc. Featuring easy-to-install brackets, hoses, fittings, and even sprinklers for a wide variety of sprinkler system applications

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Top in malleable iron and ductile iron pipe fittings more than 23 years

Black Malleable iron pipe fitting Elbow
Black Mallebale iron pip fitting Union
Dip hot Galvanized iron Tee
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Ductile iron Grooved fittings for fire protection
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Galvanized Malleable iron pipe fittings Elbow
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