As a premier manufacturer and supplier of Plugs hailing from China, YINUO consistently offers a range of superior Plug options at competitive wholesale prices direct from the factory. Our merchandise is crafted with meticulous attention to detail to guarantee longevity and reliability, thereby securing an unparalleled level of efficacy and contentment for our discerning clientele.

What Sets YINUO Brand Apart for Overseas Customers?

Decades of Experience - With nearly 30 years of expertise in the Black Iron Malleable Pipe Fittings industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and proficiency to the table. Our extensive experience enables us to understand and meet the unique needs of our customers.

Efficient Production Capacity: Operating with five production lines, we have the capability to achieve a daily output value exceeding 2 million. This ensures timely delivery and enables us to fulfill large-scale orders efficiently.

Versatile Application Expertise: We possess a wealth of project experience in fire protection systems, gas pipeline systems, HVAC installations, household decoration, and more. This broad expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions for different industries and applications.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss wholesale prices for our plug products. Our experienced sales team is keen to present our competitive price list and explore possible avenues of cooperation. We offer strong OEM capabilities for customers looking for a personalized brand choice. Whether your needs revolve around standard projects or custom production, our loyal sales representatives are ready to design the right solution through partnership. Our goal is to fully grasp your goals and unique needs, allowing us to work together to chart the most beneficial path forward.

YINUO Malleable Black Iron Plug Fittings

  • Black malleable iron plug are specialty pipefitting components used to plug or seal openings in malleable black iron pipe systems.
  • Made of malleable iron which has good strength and ductility.
  • Provide secure seals that withstand system pressures. Threaded type can be removed later if needed.
  • Typically use NPT (National Pipe Thread) standards for tapered threads.

Basic Steps To Properly Install & Seal Non-threaded Plug Fittings

  • Clean the pipe opening – Use a wire brush or scraper to properly clean and prepare the pipe opening. Remove any dirt, grease or residue.
  • Check the fitting size – Verify the plug fitting size matches the pipe opening dimensions for a tight seal.
  • Lubricate the fitting – Apply pipe joint compound or Teflon tape to the fitting threads and tapered section to act as a thread sealant.
  • Insert the fitting – Carefully push the fitting into the pipe opening using slight twisting motion until fully seated.
  • Allow setting – Follow compound manufacturer’s cure time before putting the system into use or pressure testing.
  • Inspect the seal – Check that no compound is leaking after curing.