Y Strainer

YINUO, a the most outstanding manufacturer and supplier of Y Strainers in China, is dedicated to offering a diverse range of premium Y Strainers at competitive wholesale rates. Our commitment to unmatched quality, dependability, and client contentment enables us to reliably produce items that not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks with their durable construction and reliability.

The Advantages Of Choosing YINUO Fittings

Our Yinuo brand also provides complete piping system solutions globally, with an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. As an established ISO-certified manufacturer, YINUO provides:

  • High-quality fittings at competitive prices
  • Global export capabilities meeting international standards
  • Large production capacity over $2M daily output
  • Custom fabrication and OEM services
  • Experienced engineering team supporting special requests
  • Strong reputation built over 30+ years in business

By choosing YINUO, you get a trusted partner committed to delivering certified, reliable fittings tailored to your project needs - all at a competitive value.

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Don’t worry feel free to contact us to initiate discussions regarding the wholesale pricing of our Y Strainers. Our sales team stands prepared to present our pricing details and investigate prospects for cooperation. Apart from direct sales, we provide robust OEM capabilities for clients keen on personalized branding. Whether your requirements call for standard or bespoke production, YINUO’s sales representatives are poised to create tailored solutions through collaborative partnerships.

What Is Ductile Iron Y Strainer?

As a reputable global manufacturer and supplier, we offer an extensive selection of ductile and cast iron Y strainer, crafted from various materials to meet diverse customer needs worldwide.

The ductile iron Y strainer is a cast or welded fitting shaped like a lower-case ‘y’, with three legs of equal diameter. One leg acts as the inlet, while the other two outlet legs contain removable perforated strainer baskets or screens on their inner faces to capture debris in liquid flows.

Made of ductile iron which is stronger than gray iron, it can withstand higher pressures than plastic or bronze strainers. The perforated baskets are typically constructed of the same ductile iron, stainless steel or other corrosion resistant material based on the application.

The Y design allows fluids to separate into two paths after passing through the screens, useful for applications like separating solids and liquids.

Ductile Iron Y Strainer VS Cast Iron Type

Ductile Iron Y Strainers:

  • Made of ductile or nodular iron that is tough and ductile
  • Can withstand high pressures without cracking
  • Have added flexibility to resist water hammer stress
  • Less likely to fail catastrophically under pressure
  • Withstands fatigue better for long-term durability
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than cast iron
  • More resistant to corrosion and graphitization
  • Cast Iron Y Strainer:
  • Made of more brittle gray cast iron
  • Susceptible to fracturing when subjected to high pressure loads
  • Can fail suddenly when overstressed
  • Graphitization can cause flaking and material loss
  • Heavier for the same strength compared to ductile iron
  • Requires careful pressure/temperature control
  • Lower corrosion resistance in some environments

YINUO Ductile Iron Y Strainer With Excellent Specifications

  • Material – DUCTILE IRON
  • Standard – AWWA C508
  • Pressure – 1600 Kpa AT -10°C to 120°C
  • Type – Flange or Welded