As a forefront manufacturer and supplier of Plugs in China, YINUO consistently delivers a broad selection of top-quality Plugs at highly competitive factory-direct wholesale rates. Our products are meticulously designed and constructed to ensure superior durability and reliability, guaranteeing our esteemed clientele the peak level of functionality and contentment.

Benefits From YINUO When Comparing To Other Fittings Factory

As a respected global supplier, we are proud to offer a wide range of malleable iron plug fittings. These fittings are meticulously crafted from diverse materials to meet the unique requirements of customers across the globe. So why our products win the customers praise?

  • We offer competitive wholesale prices that are lower than others in the market.
  • Our HDG Iron Plug fittings are exported to various countries, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile, Bolivia, and more.
  • We take pride in our products, which have successfully passed rigorous certifications such as UL, FM, CE, BSI, ISO, and others.
  • Our production workshop is equipped with a dedicated team of over 50 skilled individuals, including three senior R&D designers.
  • With five production lines in operation, we achieve a daily output value exceeding 2 million.
  • We provide support for processing customization, ensuring that products are tailored to meet specific requirements based on provided drawings.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss wholesale prices for plug products. Our informed sales team is enthusiastic about sharing our competitive pricing catalog and exploring collaboration possibilities with you. Apart from traditional direct sales, we are adept at providing comprehensive OEM services for customers who are keen on private label manufacturing. Whether you need standard or bespoke production, our dedicated sales professionals are ready to create the most suitable solutions through supportive and collaborative efforts. Our overarching aim is to thoroughly understand your specific goals and unique requirements, and then collaborate closely to identify the best strategic direction for your continued success.

Malleable Iron Plug Fittings From YINUO

  • Type of metallic threaded fitting used to cap or plug the end of a pipe.
  • Made of malleable iron, which provides strength and machinability.
  • Have male National Pipe Threads (NPT) on the exterior to screw into a threaded pipe fitting.
  • Some types have a hexagonal body to allow tightening with a wrench.
  • Inside is a solid tapered plug that seals off the end of the pipe.
  • No flow can pass through when fully tightened.
  • Used for temporary or permanent capping of pipe connections.
  • Allows isolation, pressure testing, or abandonment of unused branches.
  • Available in a range of standard NPT sizes to match common piping.
  • Pipe sealant or tape should be applied to threads for leak-free performance.
  • Durable construction suitable for high pressure applications.

Galvanized Malleable Plugs

These galvanized malleable pipe plugs are designed to seal the open ends of pipes. Simply tap them into the pipe opening to create a flush, sealed closure. Suitable for use with Schedule 40 pipe, the plugs feature a corrosion-resistant hot-dipped galvanized finish.

Specifications Of Malleable Iron Plugs Fitting Made By YINUO

  • Fitting dimensions conform – ASME B16.15
  • Castings conform – ASTM B62, UNS Alloy C83600
  • Certification – UL/FM
  • Standard – NPT threads on all fittings conform to ASME B1.20.1