Check Valve

As a stable and dependable manufacturer and supplier of Check Valves in China, YINUO consistently offers a selection of top-tier Check Valves at competitive factory prices. Our products adopt advanced production equipment and management system, implement lean production, ensure perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, and establish long-term stable cooperative relations with customers.

Quality & Value From YINUO Brand To Oversea Customers

  • YINUO provides high-quality products at competitive wholesale prices, making us a leading supplier globally.
  • Our products are exported worldwide to customers in regions like Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile, and Bolivia.
  • We maintain the highest standards, with products passing certifications like UL, FM, CE, BSI, and ISO.
  • Our workshop staff includes over 50 personnel and 3 senior R&D engineers, allowing us to produce a daily output valued at over 2 million across 5 production lines.
  • YINUO supports custom manufacturing per client drawings and specifications.
  • We also offer OEM services for international buyers seeking a responsive and flexible manufacturing partner.

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Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in checking Valve. YINUO’s team information is the most reliable, working with us is your first choice. We can provide OEM capability. Guarantee to meet your requirements, what kind of production can be customized for you advanced solutions. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and cooperate with us for mutual benefit.

Introduce About Check Valves Made By YINUO

A Ductile iron check valve, also known as a non-return valve or a one-way valve, is a type of valve designed to allow fluid or gas to flow in only one direction. Its primary function is to prevent backflow or reverse flow. So that it ensures that the fluid or gas flows in a single, desired direction.

Pressure Rating Check Valve are typically installed in piping systems where the reversal of flow could cause damage, contamination, or interfere with the system’s operation.

Common Types Of Check Valve From YINUO

There are several ways to categorize the different types of check valves:

We classify the check valves acording to their designs:

  • Swing Check – Swinging disc or clapper. Most common.
  • Lift Check – Lifting disc or ball.
  • Tilting Disc – Pivoting disc.
  • Nozzle Check – Spring-loaded disc with guided motion.
  • Stop Check – Spring-loaded plug.

Different types of check valves with itself functions:

  • Regular Check – Prevent backflow in normal flow direction.
  • Silent Check – Minimize slamming on closure.
  • Dual Plate Check – Double discs for minimal leak paths.
  • Power Check/Pump Check – Inline check valves to prevent pump reverse rotation.

Referring to application of check valve, we divided into some types below:

  • Air Check – Prevent air backflow in lines.
  • Backflow Check – Prevent cross-contamination in water lines.
  • Wafer Check – Thin body for confined space installs.
  • Lined Check – Resist corrosive, abrasive, and adhesive media.
  • Cryogenic Check – Use special materials for ultra-low temp fluids.

YINUO Check Valves Specifications

  • Main Materials – Cast steel check valve zinc plating for bots, eye bolt, valves body, etc.
  • Parts Materials – Bronze ASTM standard for Hinge pin, washer, hinge bushing, seat ring, etc.
  • Working Pressure – PN10/16.
  • Termperature Range – 0°C – 100°C.
  • Connechon Ends – Flange to BS EN 1092-21997.