As a China-based Bushing manufacturer and supplier known for its efficient and streamlined production processes, YINUO proudly showcases an extensive collection of superior-quality Bushings at highly competitive wholesale costs. Our relentless pursuit of peerless quality, steadfast reliability, and supreme customer happiness enables us to consistently roll out products that our products meet the industry standards, our products are used in various field

YINUO Brand Bushing Malleable Iron Materials

Our brand, Yinuo, is dedicated to providing comprehensive piping system solutions to customers globally. These solutions with bushing are widely applied in fire protection, gas pipelines, HVAC installations, household decor, and more.

  • Malleable iron bushing are cylindrical sleeves used as connectors in piping systems.
  • Made of malleable cast iron, which is ductile and machinable.
  • Have a smooth inner bore to allow fluid flow through them.
  • Outer surface has male pipe threads on one end and female threads on the other.
  • Threaded ends allow joining pipes or fittings of different sizes.

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We extend a warm invitation for you to engage with us regarding wholesale pricing inquiries for our Bushing products. Our adept sales team stands poised to divulge our pricing details and delve into possibilities for collaboration. Apart from traditional sales channels,in addition to the basic sales channels, we also provide strong OEM capabilities for customers who are keen to personalize their brands. No matter what kind of product you need, YINUO’s professional sales agents will carefully plan the best solution through a cooperative alliance.Do not hesitate to initiate contact with us – we are eager to initiate discussions aimed at tailored strategies that enhance your prosperity.We look forward to deep cooperation with you to create a better future!

Differ Between Adapter And Bushing

Adapters serve the purpose of connecting pipes of different types. They enable a seamless transition between different pipe connections. For instance, an adapter can be applied to the end of a plain pipe, allowing for a threaded connection on the other side. Bushing fittings, also known as reducer bushings, are specifically designed for connecting pipes of different sizes. They facilitate a smooth and secure connection between pipes with varying diameters.

Usage –

  • Cast iron bushing is used to join two intersecting pipes/tubes of the same size. It lines the inside of a fitting.
  • Adapter is used to join pipes/tubes/equipment of different sizes or types together.

Design –

  • Bushing is a short cylinder with internal diameter same as the tubes/pipes and external diameter sized to fit in a coupling, elbow, tee, etc.
  • Adapter has two ends of different sizes/types to connect incompatible components like pipes of unequal diameters.

Function –

  • Bushing lines the inside of a fitting to facilitate joining of two same-sized pipes smoothly without interruptions.
  • Adapter provides the means to join otherwise incompatible system components by adapting between their different characteristics.

Benefits Of YINUO Brand

  • Quality Valves and Service from a Leading Global Supplier
  • As an ISO certified manufacturer, we provide high-quality valves at competitive wholesale prices to customers worldwide.
  • Our products are exported globally and meet international standards like UL, FM, CE, and BSI.
  • With over 50 skilled employees and 5 production lines, our workshop has a daily output exceeding $2 million in value.
  • We accommodate custom requests and offer OEM services for international valve buyers.
  • Our commitment to product excellence, capacity, and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted supplier to markets across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

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