Rigid Coupling

YINUO, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Couplings in China, consistently offers a selection of top-tier Rigid Couplings at competitive factory prices. Meticulously crafted for resilience and reliability, our products guarantee peak performance and utmost satisfaction for our discerning clientele.

Rigid coupling fittings are mechanical devices used to join ductile iron or steel piping components together in a rigid, bolted connection.

  • They are used with piping elements that have modular grooved ends, such as grooved pipe, elbows, tees, etc. Made of steel or ductile iron.
  • Have two halves that bolt together around the grooved ends of the pipes being joined. The inner edges have machined serrations that mate with the pipe grooves.
  • When bolted, the serrations cut into the pipe grooves to form a rigid, mechanical bond that joins the pipes like a flangeless welded joint.
  • Manufactured in various sizes to join piping schedules 5 to 40.

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You are welcome to contact us to initiate a dialogue regarding wholesale pricing for our Rigid Coupling. Our sales team is poised to unveil our pricing details and embark on discussions about potential collaborative ventures. Apart from conventional sales channels, we boast robust OEM possibilities for clients seeking personalized branding options. Be it standard specifications or tailor-made solutions, YINUO’s sales experts are prepared to forge customized strategies through cooperative alliances.

Benefits Of Yudong Company

  • The production workshop has more than 50 people, 3 R&D designers, 5 production lines.
  • A daily output value of more than 2 million.
  • Support processing customization, processing according to drawings.
  • We have won unanimous praise from customers in more than 30 countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile, Bolivia etc.
  • Certainly, we own self-brand as YINUO. And also “Yinuo” has always focused on providing piping system solutions for global customers.

Some Types Of YINUO Rigid Coupling Fittings

Specifications Of YINUO Rigid Coupling Fittings

  • Suitable for use with extended life (XL) grooved fittings.
  • The YN03 couplings connect ductile iron pipe and fittings from 3 to 12 inches in diameter (DN80 to DN300).
  • Designed for pressures up to 1000 psi, 6895 kPa, or 69 bar, these flexible grooved couplings accommodate pipe-to-fitting connections using a cast ductile iron design certified for potable water networks per AWWA standards.
  • The YN03 option provides a cast alternative to bolted flexible couplings for joining ductile iron pipe and fittings via grooved mechanical joints within its endorsed pressure and size ranges.