Mechanical Tee

Yinuo, a well-known mechanical tee manufacturer and supplier in China and has been offering a selection of top mechanical Tee at wholesale prices directly from the factory. Each product has been carefully crafted to reflect the practicality and reliability of the product, ensuring that our customers experience unparalleled performance and satisfaction.

YINUO Show You Types Of mechanical joint tee

Regular Tee:

  • Design: Has a single straight run entry and two outlets at right angles. Simplest tee design.
  • Function: Used to split or combine flow in two directions while maintaining full pipe internal diameter.
  • Applications: Common in plumbing, piping, irrigation, and light industrial processes where gradual flow changes are needed.
  • Material: Mild steel or stainless steel depending on corrosion resistance needs.

Reducing Tee:

  • Design: Similar to regular tee but one or both outlets have a smaller internal diameter than the run.
  • Function: Gradually changes flow area to control or optimize flow rates in branches.
  • Applications: Processes requiring regulated flow splitting such as water treatment plants.
  • Material: Same as regular tee but potentially heavier wall thickness due to added structural stresses.

Reinforcing Tee:

  • Design: Has internal bracing/fillets to reinforce increased stresses at inside elbows.
  • Function: Allows full pipe size flow changes in directions where regular tee may have weak points.
  • Applications: High pressure/high temperature systems in oil/gas, power, and chemical industries.
  • Material: Higher alloy steels like carbon steel or stainless steel depending on service conditions.

Concentric Tee:

  • Design: Two continuously-sized perpendicular outlets centered inside main run. Like a pipe within a pipe.
  • Function: Carries multiple transmission lines concentrically to save space.
  • Applications: Undersea pipelines, Bundle penetration headers, complexes with limited space.
  • Material: Corrosion resistant alloy steel for seawater pipelines, carbon steel for others.

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Please contact us to discuss wholesale prices for our mechanical Tee. Our experienced sales team will be happy to introduce you to our extensive pricing structure and investigate potential avenues of cooperation. In addition to older sales, we are interested in providing an opportunity for personalized brands to provide customers with strong OEM capabilities. Whether you need standard or custom production Wholesale, whether your needs lean towards standard or custom production, our loyal sales experts are ready to curate customized solutions through cooperative alliances.
Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals and unique needs, allowing us to work together to chart the most beneficial path forward.

What Is Grooved Mechanical Tee?

A mechanical tee, also known as a grooved mechanical tee or grooved tee. Actually, it is a type of pipe fitting used in plumbing and piping systems. Additionally, grooved mechanical tee is as designed to provide a convenient and efficient method for branching off a main pipeline to create a new connection.

Absolutely, the threaded mechanical tee consists of three components:

  1. The main body,
  2. The outlet branch,
  3. The gasket.

Why Foreign Customers Always Trust In Our Mechanical Tees?

  • We offer competitive wholesale prices compared to others in the market.
  • We take pride in the fact that our victaulic mechanical tee have successfully passed certifications such as UL, FM, CE, BSI, ISO, and others, ensuring their quality and safety.
  • With a dedicated production workshop staffed by over 50 skilled individuals, including 3 experienced R&D designers. Indeed, we maintain high standards of manufacturing.
  • Our production facility is as equipped with 5 efficient production lines, allowing us to achieve a daily output value exceeding 2 million units.
  • Our mechanical tee threaded outlet are as exported to various countries, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile, Bolivia, and more.
  • We understand the importance of meeting specific customer requirements. Therefore, we offer processing customization services. So that ensuring that products are manufactured according to provided drawings.

Moreover, we are open to OEM services for overseas customers, catering to their unique branding needs and preferences.

Specifications Of YINUO The Mechanical Tee

  • Size Range – DN50 x DN32 to DN100 x DN32
  • Maximum Working Pressure – Up to 20.7 bar (300 psi)*
  • Gasket Type – EPDM
  • Outlet Connection – Grooved End.
  • Finish – Galvanized / Red painted
  • Materials – Ductile Iron / carbon steel