Ductile iron Valve

YINUO Brand Provides Common Types Of Valves And Related Products

There are several main types of ductile iron valves from YINUO, as reputed iron valves manufacturer and supplier, used in various industrial and municipal piping systems:

  • Ductile iron Butterfly Valve - Rotary action valve that uses a disc to regulate flow. For handling large flows with lower pressure drops.
  • Ball Valves - Rotary valve that uses a perforated ball to control flow. Compact, capable of throttling and quick shutoff.
  • Globe Valves - Linear motion valve that uses a disk to block fluid flow. Allows precise flow control and shutoff.
  •  Ductile iron Gate Valve - Linear valve that raises/lowers a flat gate to start/stop flow. Primarily open/closed applications.
  •  Ductile iron Check Valve - Allow fluid flow in one direction only to prevent backflow. Use swing, lift, or tilting disk designs.
  • Plug Valves - Rotary valve with a tapered or cylindrical plug to control flow. Fast on/off action.
  •  Ductile iron Water Flow Indicator with Retard - A device used in fire sprinkler systems to provide a visual confirmation of water flow.

What Is Ductile Iron Valve?

A Ductile iron valve is predominantly crafted from ductile iron, a type of iron that contains spheroidized free carbon, commonly referred to as graphite. The notable abundance of graphite nodules within ductile iron results in superior mechanical properties compared to other forms of cast iron.

Ductile VS. Cast Iron Valves: What’s The difference?

In contrast to cast iron, ductile iron exhibits flexibility and does not fracture when subjected to bending, making it highly suitable for demanding applications. Ductile iron is known for its strength and reliability, making it an excellent choice for pipes, fittings, and valves. However, it is important to note that ductile iron is generally price higher than cast iron due to its more intricate chemical composition.

YINUO Always Win The Customers Because Of Benefits Below

We have exported kinds of iron valves to worldwide, such as electric gate valve, double disc gate valve, split butterfly valve, automotive vacuum check valves with wholesale price. Meanwhile, we also have won unanimous praise from customers in more than 30 countries and regions.

  • Lower wholesale prices than others.
  • exporting to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Pakistan, Chile, Bolivia etc.
  • Our products have passed UL, FM, CE, BSI, ISO and other certifications.
  • The production workshop has more than 50 people, 3 senior R&D designers.
  • 5 production lines, and a daily output value of more than 2 million.
  • Support processing customization, processing according to drawings.
  • Certainly, we also accept OEM service for oversea customers.

YINUO Products Specifications

  • Design standard – BS EN 593
  • Top flange standard – ISO 5211
  • Temperature range – 0 ℃ to 100 ℃
  • Working pressure – PN10/16
  • Coating – ANSI/AWWA C550