Galvanized Elbow

In the role of a highly esteemed Galvanized Elbow producer and supplier within China, YINUO boasts an outstanding reputation for presenting an extensive variety of superior-grade Galvanized Elbows at compelling wholesale rates. Upholding a staunch devotion to matchless quality, steadfastness, and client contentment, we unfailingly manufacture and supply goods that not only conform to but often surpass industry benchmarks, achieved through the best craftsmanship.

YINUO Brand Benefits To Oversea Customers

We aim to meet rigorous quality and safety standards. Our Galvanize Elbow undergo extensive testing and certification, having received approvals from UL, FM, CE, BSI, ISO and other accredited standards organizations.

We have a dedicated team focused on product development and innovation with 3 designers in our research and development department.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with 5 production lines and employs over 50 team members to support daily operations.

We have the capacity and flexibility to tailor products according to customer specifications or drawings when standard configurations do not meet unique needs.

With years of industry experience, our goal is to collaborate closely with clients to develop high-quality, customized solutions that solve problems and add value for their particular applications.

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As the manufacturer and supplier of the most widely used Galvanized Elbow, please give us your priority get in touch to talk over the wholesale pricing for our Galvanized Elbow range. Our sales unit is standing by, poised to share our competitive price catalog and investigate possible collaborative ventures. Beyond straightforward sales transactions, we extend robust OEM services for clients keen on developing their own private labels. Initiating a discussion with YINUO’s presents an open invitation to discover a personalized method that will invigorate and drive your business accomplishments.

Key Differences Between Galvanized Elbow fittings And Standard iron Types


Galvanized Elbow 90 Degree are made of standard iron/malleable iron but have a zinc coating applied. Plain iron elbows are just bare iron/malleable iron without coating.

Corrosion Resistance:

The zinc coating on galvanized elbows provides excellent corrosion resistance both internally and externally. Plain iron elbows will rust/corrode over time when exposed to moisture.


Both can be threaded or grooved/ductile for joining. No difference in assembly or installation method.


Galvanized elbows have a shiny silver appearance, while plain iron elbows will show signs of rust eventually. Galvanized maintains a nicer look for longer.


With its corrosion protection, a galvanized elbow can last 2-3 times longer than an uncoated iron elbow before needing replacement due to corrosion damage.

Specifications Of YINUO Galvanize Elbow