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Definition Of Malleable Black Iron Union Made By YINUO

A malleable black iron union is a type of threaded pipe fitting used to join two pipes while allowing them to be disconnected quickly.

  • Consists of three parts - a male, female threaded end and a center ground joint.
  • Rated for medium pressure applications up to 150 psi.
  • The threaded ends allow the union to be installed in the pipe run.
  • Specifications By YINUO Black Iron Union
  • Manufactured to the BS EN 10242:1995
  • Female BSPT taper threaded ends to ISO 7-1
  • Maximum operating pressure: 25 bar (PN25) at up to 120°C
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C – 200°C

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Comparing Between Black Iron Pipe Couplings and Unions

Black iron pipe couplings and unions both serve to join pipes together, but have some key differences in their design and optimal use cases.

Couplings are simple cylindrical sleeves used to connect two pipes of the same diameter in a permanent straight line joint. Couplings are inexpensive and suitable for installations where the pipes will not need regular disconnection.

Black iron union fitting consist of three components – a threaded end, a female threaded end, and a center ground joint. The detachable center section allows the union to be easily disconnected later if needed. This makes unions preferred for pipes that require occasional disassembly for maintenance or replacement. However, unions cost more than basic couplings.

While couplings create a fixed connection, unions permit quick access to the pipes while still creating a sealed joint when tightened. This flexibility comes at a higher price.

Black iron is a common material choice for both couplings and unions used in medium pressure installations like water lines, gas pipes, and heating systems. Both meet applicable ASME dimensional standards. The optimal fitting choice depends on the need for future access balanced against cost.