Threaded One End Pipe Nipple

  • Standards: Product complies with ASTM A-53, A-733 and ANSI B1.20.1 for threading, dimensions and pipe specifications.
  • Pipe:
    Complies with ASTM A-53 mill tested schedule 40 and 80 for both Welded & Seamless Meets ANSI B36.1.
    All pipe is hydrostatic tested.



Product Description

Black: THREADED ONE END Pipe Nipple Protected against oxidation with varnish coating.

Cutting Procedure:
All pipe is roller cut. A visual inspection of seams, excessive galvanizing, mid-welds, poor galvanizing, bends, roundness, under and overweight of the pipe is made at the time it is cut. This is done for every length of pipe. Pipe lengths are cut to a tolerance of + or – 1/16” of the actual length.

Threading Procedure:
All pipe is chaser thread cut to American Standard Tapered Pipe Thread standards.
This is 3/4″ taper per foot. Pipe is visually inspected for roundness of threads and other visual faults as it is removed from the threading machine.

Product Parameter

PIPE SIZE customization from 1/1/2
Pipe Fittings Material A197 CARBON STEEL
STANDARD Manufacturing Conforms to ASTM A-733, Material Conforms to ASTM A-53 Type E Grade A, Threads meet ANSI ASME B1.20.1
Pressure 300PSI



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