Product Description

Ductile iron grooved elbow 90 Degree No90 are one type of Grooved fittings. We supply both Blue and RAL3000 for difference used.

Ductile iron grooved elbow 90 Degree No90 larger radius than elbows. Generally, the most basic difference is the radius of curvature. Elbows generally have a radius of curvature between one to twice the diameter of the pipe. Bends have a radius of curvature more than twice the diameter.

Product Detail

USE for Fire protection with UL/FM certificated.
The Material made by EN545 ductile iron cast fittings.
90 Grooved fitting can be used as a corner piece or other joining piece for an industrial decor project.
IPS threads for compatibility with other project materials such as lamp parts, valves, etc.
Pipe decor line contains an array of fittings and connectors for a variety of projects that can be used.

Grooved Size Range

1/2" to 12". All size can be supply by detail Request.

Product Parameter

Available   Sizes 2-12" /   DN50-300
Model 90 Degree Elbow
Type Grooved connection
Standard Ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536, Grade   65-45-12
Pipe Material Ductile iron
Maximum   Working Pressure 400 psi/2758 kPA
Application Connects pipe and   provides change in direction


Ductile iron grooved elbow 90 Degree No90 come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit different pipe sizes and configurations. They can be threaded or non-threaded,

Threaded fittings have threads on the inside of the fitting that screw onto the outside of the pipe, while non-threaded fittings are designed to be welded or soldered onto the pipe.

Depending on the type of pipe and fitting being used.

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Ductile Iron Grooved Elbow 90 Degree No90

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