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YINUO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of grooved pipe fittings operating since 1990. With over 34 years of experience in the pipe fitting industry, YINUO started developing and producing grooved fittings in 2010. All of YINUO’s grooved pipe fittings are manufactured according to international production standards such as BS EN10242, ANSI, ASME B16.3, DIN2950 and ISO 49. Thread standards include BS EN10226, ASME B.1.20.1 and DIN2999. Fittings are rated for work pressures of PN25, 2.5MPa, 363PSI and CLASS 150, or 25Bar. Meanwhile, our business scope widely involves the production and sale of various malleable steel pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings, ductile iron pipe fittings and valves and their accessories. Please contact with us for related grooved pipe fittings information such as Ductile Iron Grooved Elbow:



Product Description

Grooved pipe fittings are a type of mechanical pipe joining system commonly used in industrial piping applications. Rather than welding or threading pipes together, grooved fittings connect pipe via interlocking steel grooves cut circumferentially into the pipe ends.

A flexible coupling houses rubber gaskets that compress to form a pressure-tight seal between the grooves. These couplings can be installed without heat and are suitable for joining different pipe materials like steel, ductile iron.

Compared to other joining methods, grooved fittings offer several advantages. They can be installed faster without specialized skills or equipment like welders. The grooved connection is very secure and will not leak or come loose over time. Disassembly and replacement of sections is also simpler if needed.

Groove Pipe Fittings - Elbow

Product For Ductile Iron Grooved Elbow:

  • USE for Fire protection with UL/FM certificated.
  • The Material made by EN545 ductile iron cast fittings.
  • 90 Grooved fitting can be used as a corner piece or other joining piece for an industrial decor project.
  • IPS threads for compatibility with other project materials such as lamp parts, valves, etc.
  • Pipe decor line contains an array of fittings and connectors for a variety of projects that can be used.
Available   Sizes 2-12″ /   DN50-300
Model 90 Degree Elbow
Type Grooved connection
Standard Ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536, Grade   65-45-12
Pipe Material Ductile iron
Maximum   Working Pressure 400 psi/2758 kPA
Application Connects pipe and   provides change in direction


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