Product Description

GROOVED FITTINGS FOR AWWA DUCTILE IRON CAST Flexible Coupling Painted Class 150 For Pipe Schedule 40 4 in Grooved 4 in Grooved 300 psi @ 150 Degrees F Maximum Operating Pressure

The main advantage of these UL FM Grooved Fittings is that they can be installed in the field after cutting the pipe to length, which is significantly more convenient compared to traditional flanged connections, which must be welded.


Product Parameter

Specific  Fitting Shape: Flexible  Coupling
Fitting Side A  Type: Grooved
Seal Material: EPDM
Application: Air; Natural Gas;  Non-Potable Water; Oil; Steam
Country of  Origin: CHINA
Basic Fitting  Shape: Coupling
Class: Class 150


Is ductile iron a flexible pipe?

Ductile iron pipe is a flexible conduit – Ductile means flexible! Because DI pipe is flexible, this means it is less likely to shear under stress from normal soil pressure or ground shifts that occur throughout the life cycle of your water system. Ductile iron is primarily made from recycled iron and steel scrap.


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Grooved Fittings for AWWA Ductile Iron Cast Flexible Coupling

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